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Yesterday, I was diagnosed with this disease. Neither my mom nor I know much about it and she is very worried. Do any of you have this illness or have any familiarity with it? If so, could you give my mom and me any words of advice or wisdom?

Thank you

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Well all you need to do is type in the disease as a keyword and you can find information on just about anything. I decided to look it up for you and this site basically gives you a definition of what it is and what causes it. Hope this helps you and i'm sorry to hear that you have this disease. =(

Heres what is is first-The word “lymphangiectasia” means “dilated lymph vessels.” In the intestinal tract, lymphangiectasia is usually caused by some kind of inflammation which puts back pressure on the lymph vessels leading them to dilate. Lymph flow may be blocked by the inflammatory events in the intestine or local structures. Lacteals are special lymph vessels in the intestinal tract designed to absorb nutritional fats. When there is high pressure within the lymph vessels, the tender lacteals burst and instead of absorbing fats, the lymph inside, its cells, fats, and precious proteins are lost. The intestine may be able to reabsorb some of these valuable substances at other sites but if the inflammatory intestinal disease that started the problem in the first place is widespread, the balance may have shifted to nutritional loss rather than gain.

You can read more about it on this site.

http://www.marvistavet.com/html/intestinal_lymphangiectasia.ht ml
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Awww Dinky, I don't know anything about the problem you have but I hope it you don't feel too ill.

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You need lots of protein and none of the fillers in kibble. I highly recommend looking into a raw diet. The meats should be lean cuts with less fat than the most raw feeders give. The raw meat is a good source of appropriate protein that is needed. Carbs and sugars feed cancers. If you would like some info on switching, please email me.

Oh and I think you should not do any more vaccinations on the dog, at 8 years old, he is more than fully vaccinated. Also, if possible to elimiate all other prescription meds is good.