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Eye Boogers

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Love me!
Barked: Thu Jun 21, '07 10:05pm PST 
I was just curious, are eye boogers normal for dogs? Loki's been getting them for the past couple of days. I wipe them away, but then a new one will form. They are white and soft (not crusty). Otherwise, he seems just fine to me. Is this normal? Should I be concerned?

(Loki is my first dog, so forgive my ignorance.)

Anything you can- do I can do- cuter!
Barked: Thu Jun 21, '07 10:10pm PST 
They're normal. Some dogs get them a lot and some don't. Winnie gets them sometimes; I just wipe it off, no biggie smile
Abby,- FDCH-G, TFE

If in doubt,- bark at it
Barked: Thu Jun 21, '07 10:20pm PST 
Abby gets them more than Cotton, we jokingly say it is because she is so close to the ground that she gets more dust in her eyes. Eye boogers are quite common and nothing to worry about unless it becomes excessive.


Love me!
Barked: Thu Jun 21, '07 11:16pm PST 

Barked: Thu Jun 21, '07 11:34pm PST 
I get them more than my sister Helga calls them "eye goobers" She wondered if it was allergies.

Big Baby Boy
Barked: Fri Jun 22, '07 5:55am PST 
Loki gets yucky white strings, especially in the mornings, and they seem to be worse in allergy season (spring-ish). Leah gets crusty brown ones, also in the mornings. So does my one cat - it's a nightly ritual to "scrape" hers out!

It's normal, like people getting "sleep" in their eyes. Unless it's green or yellow and thick - could be allergies or an eye infection. But the stringy stuff is annoying but harmless.

is it time to- eat?!
Barked: Fri Jun 22, '07 6:00am PST 
harry has them all the time, all year round. though, they are definitely worse in spring & summer. we clean his eyes out pretty regularly - just gently wipe right under the eye with a tissue and it catches a piece of the glob and pulls it right out.

if we don't clean it out, his eyes start tearing and then he gets kind of stinky from having a wet face.


Grizzy Grace. <3
Barked: Fri Jun 22, '07 7:52am PST 
Grace's eye boogers got to be out of control.

We narrowed it down easily because of a couple different other problems that we could all relate closely to one and another.

Her magic antihistamine (and Zeus' too!) is Hydroxyzine Pamoate. It's really helped with the eye boogers!
Sir Ernest- Shackleton

Going- exploring...
Barked: Fri Jun 22, '07 9:35am PST 
I started getting great gobs one moring so Mom took me to the vet. The vet said I had pink eye and gave my Mom some medicine to give me.

Then a few months later I started big green ones and back to the vet we went. This time, the vet told my Mom I had allergies so I'm on benedryl three times a day.

small and- cuddly!
Barked: Fri Jun 22, '07 1:03pm PST 
what do you do if the eye discharge, seems to dry up and the hairs are stuck? could i try baby wipes?
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