Swimmer's Tail, What can mom do to make me feel better?

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Barked: Sat Jun 16, '07 1:20pm PST 
I just found out that I have swimmer's tail. We were told to just keep me quiet for a few days and I should be fine. I was told that some anti-inflamitory med. could help ease the pain. Has anyone else had this?
Mom feels really bad, she was trying to get me in really good shape and conditioned to the heat knowing that the next tournamet may be in the heat. We were biking (at a trot) in the morning before it got hot and swimming and playing by the river in the warmer part of the day so that I wouldn't get over heated but would get used to playing in the heat (although very shaded area and a bit of a breeze coming off the river). We had a blast at the river, we even invited some other friends/dogs to come play with us. I guess I overdid it a bit becasue I now have swimmer's tail. It isn't swollen but my bum shure does hurt. It makes me cry at ran random moments and my tail does not move at all. Mom kept looking for a sticker or bur at least we know why mom couldn't find anything. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.
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Barked: Sat Jun 16, '07 2:24pm PST 
Wow, Homer had similar symptoms on 2 different occasions, but there was swelling right at the base of the tail where it meets the body & he hadn't been swimming. We finally figured out he'd actually sprained his tail by "sitting pretty" like Bobbi-Girl does, only he was about 80lbs at that time - too big to be doing that particular trick. We try to discourage him from doing it, but he insists! At least since he lost his last 6lbs on his diet, it hasn't happened again.

Hope you feel better really soon!!! Tell me just to give you a break, you'll be your old self in a jiffy!
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Barked: Sat Jun 16, '07 4:13pm PST 
I am so sorry and hope you feel better soon!!!

I loveto swim and I had not hear dof this beforeshock

Cotton, TDI,- CGC, TFP-I,- FMX

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Barked: Sat Jun 16, '07 9:48pm PST 
Good news, I am already feeling a tiny bit better. Mom gave me some children's aspirin and made me stay in my crate and took Abby to the park ( crysilenced) so I could rest. When they got home, mom got me out of the crate and put Abby in the crate (dancingwinkshh). We went outside for a min and my tail was no longer completely limp. I have my natural slight curl - it's more of a "U" than a curl. I'm still not wagging it or lifting it but I appear to be feeling better already.

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Barked: Sat Jun 16, '07 10:09pm PST 
At our clinic we call swimmer's tail "Lab Tail" because it happens to a lot of Labradors (or any dog with a muscular tail... it even happened to me!). Most of the dogs we see with it haven't been swimming, just for whatever reason there is a pinched nerve or pulled muscle in the base of the tail. Usually a couple of days of rest and anti-inflammatories do the trick. I can't believe your vet didn't send you home with some pain medication. shrug

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Barked: Sat Jun 16, '07 10:23pm PST 
Gee Cotton thanks for the post. Ive never heard of this before,
Ive learned something new today. With 2 GSD its a good thing
to know about.

Barked: Sun Jun 17, '07 5:37am PST 
Wow! I am so glad you are feeling better!
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Barked: Sun Jun 17, '07 9:17am PST 
Gee, Cotton, I'm glad to hear you're feeling better. I never heard of Swimmer's Tail before, and I sure hope it never happens to me, cause I have a very handsome, curly tail. I don't swim, but I do other silly things, like Homer. Hope you're all better soon!

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Barked: Sun Jun 17, '07 10:31am PST 
Mom did some research on swimmer's tail because I have a flyball tournament next weekend. She wanted to see if she needed to pull me from the tournament (better safe than sorry). There really isn't much info but from the little research that has been done, it generally heals within a couple days but may last as long as a couple weeks.
According to the articles, giving an anti inflamitory med within the first 24-48 hours is supposed to speed the healing time. Mom gave me baby aspirin yesterday and I already have half of my wag backdog. Yesterday, I yelped if I sat wrong but today, I have not cried at all. Although running didn't bother me, mom didn't let me run. She didn't let me do much of anything. I am trying to prove to her that I am better today so I can go out to the river today but she is not giving incry.