Puppy coughing and gagging?

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Goofy Redhead
Barked: Thu Jun 14, '07 11:48am PST 
So in the middle of the night last night, Lucy started coughing and dry heaving, as if she were going to throw up (as if she were a cat with a hairball, is the best way to describe it!). Only nothing came up, and she promptly went back to sleep. I dismissed it, but then today, when I was home at lunch, she did it once more.

Just over a week ago (June 5) she had her second booster and bordetella vaccines, so that, combined with the fact that she's only met a few dogs in our neighborhood, doesn't lead me to believe it's kennel cough.

Lucy has allergies - she gets itchy, especially after playing in the grass. Could the cough be related? Though the fact that the cough just started, while the itching has been going on since we brought her home is a bit odd. Could it be trauma related? She's just a baby, so she's not "heeling" yet and while she's ok on the leash, she tends to pull as hard as she can when another dog (or a bird) is in sight. I'm totally paranoid about hurting her neck and this cough is only making that worry worse!

Obviously, if it persists or worsens, I will take her to the vet, but I was just wondering if anyone else had experience with something like this?
Maya- (2003-2016)

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Barked: Thu Jun 14, '07 12:38pm PST 
I wouldn't use a collar yet on Lucy but a harness, but that's just me - I think puppies, no matter their size, shouldn't be in a collar but in a harness until they are at least 6 months old.

One episode of coughing shouldn't worry you. But if it repeats then go to the vet.
Pepper - living in Dallas

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Barked: Thu Jun 14, '07 2:01pm PST 
Our mom has a puppy and she has done the same thing! It sounds like our mom's puppy and your are at the same point in their booster shots too. I'm not really sure what would cause it, but she's been watching her pup a lot to be sure that everything else is fine -- and it is. She's active, eats well, etc. They haven't done a lot of leash training so I'm not sure it would be related to that.

If everything else about your pup seems all right and the coughing doesn't get worse or really frequent, it might just be one of those things (like hiccups or something).

Sir Ernest- Shackleton

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Barked: Fri Jun 15, '07 7:02am PST 
Shackleton had something similiar happen to him around seven months old - I thought he was going to die. It was unlike any sound I'd ever heard before. Our vet said it was a reverse sneeze!!!! I'd never heard of such a thing. She said he would grow out of it. Sometimes, I pinch his nostrils (don't cover his mouth though) and that seems to stop it.

As to the comment about training collars - Shackleton has been using some sort of collar not harness since he was ten weeks old. We took him to a school where the average trainers has 16 years of experience and they started us off with a 1/2 choke at 16 weeks (pre puppy school) and then a full choke at seven months. He is a bit stubborn so at eight months, we went to a prong collar. He only wears it when we are training though. The prong collar is actually probably more humane than the choke because it acts more like their natural mother nipping them. Our vet told us that she has seen a few cases of bruised windpipes with dogs that had chokes where they strained really hard.

One last piece of advice, it's never to early to teach a dog manners. That includes not pulling when on a leash. It's for their own benefit.

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Barked: Fri Jun 15, '07 1:41pm PST 
It could be kennel cough. Your dog doesn't have to be "kenneled" to get it. He can get it if he never leaves his back yard. It could be secondary to the bordatella vaccine. Sometimes that will cause a mild cough as the body mounts an immune response. Could be you just did something that irritated your throat. If it continues, please have him checked out.
Fox Island Jace

Barked: Fri Jun 15, '07 6:28pm PST 
Wyatt and Jace were diagnosised with Kennel Cough today, i would never have guessed it actually, because the coughing was miminal but the watery nasal discharge and sneezing was present, they are both on antibiotics.