Mom dog post weaning

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I may be adoping a dog who recently had and weaned puppies, and I'm just wondering how long it may take for the nipples to appear less swollen.

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It may depend on the dog.How it exercises,and stuff. I got my girly figure back in like 3 months or less after i weaned. But iam a runner,mommy says i run like 40 miles an hour "speed demon scooty" and i love to run and play.
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It depends on how many litters the dog has had in the past and how old the dog is. We adopted Spice from our breeder after she had her final litter at age eight... old for a breeder dog but she's what breeders call a "blue hen"--consistently produced superior puppies of excellent temperament and confirmation. She also wasn't over-bred and was given lots of time to rest between litters. Anyway, her nipples remained very prominent until we got her spayed (you have to wait a couple of months to spay after the weaning so that everything settles back to normal and there isn't excess bleeding during the procedure that could put the dog at risk). Once we got her spayed, it took a couple of weeks for her nipples to recede, but they are MUCH smaller now... she looks like an entirely different dog! She came through the spaying beautifully and is now retired for good and living with us smile Are you planning on getting your new girl spayed? The nipples will definitely shrink a LOT after she recovers from the spaying. Best of luck with your new addition big grin


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Yes, she will definitely be spayed.

She's a 2-year-old lab/collie mix. She doesn't seem super active right now, but that may change when she get used to a new home. She was previously a stray who ended up living in a barn with her puppies for 2 months. Right now she is VERY timid and somewhat scared, but she's a sweeheart. She will be joining our household this weekend.

Thanks for information!