acid build-up?

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Barked: Tue Apr 10, '07 2:33pm PST 
my baby is 7 months old and has had eukanuba since he was born. in the past month, he has been throwing up, as soon as he wakes up. he starts gurguling and kind of choking, then throws up this acidy yellow bile. any ideas and how to prevent this from happening? thanks.
Ellie Mae

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that brand of food was a recall food maybe she is ill from it.. you might have to bring her to the vet if it doesnt get any better.. and you are going to have to change your pet food becuase your dog's stomach is rejecting something out of the food.. even if you have been feeding the dog that ever since you got her her stomach might not like it anymore.. try something else like science diet or beneful

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The Eukanuba (dry) was NOT recalled, and Science Diet WAS (some formulas), and I don't know about Beneful, but it's not the greatest quality food. (Poor quality)

When do you feed your dog?

It could be that in the morning, he's hungry. The yellow "acid" you describe is stomach acid, or bile.

How many times a day, and how much do you feed your dog?

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Mikhail used to do the same thing (only mornings). he was diagnosed with liver problems and stomach inflammation.

it could also be something as simple as just needing to feed a little more frequently. not all dogs are the same. some need 4 small meals a day, other do fine on a single meal.

whatever it is, the vet is the safest bet.

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Is the vomiting occurring every day or just occasionally? I think getting checked out by the vet is always a good idea to make sure there is no underlying disease. Sophie was vomiting yellow bile too, at least once a week but then seemed completely fine otherwise. We finally realized it was from the Heartgard Plus she was on. We switched to Interceptor and so far no problems.

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thanks everyone. he eats twice at day, 8am and 5pm and he throws up about 4 times a weeks, as soon as he wakes up, then he's jumping around like normal. we moved and my vet associated it with that, but i think it is some kind of acid that is developing in his empty stomach. i'll try new food and maybe move his dinner time back. thanks.