Antibiotics causing Bed Wetting?

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Keiko- (1994-2010)

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Barked: Mon Feb 5, '07 9:00am PST 
Keiko has been on hormones (D.E.S.) to keep her from urinating in her sleep. I was told to give her 1mg every 7 days and for two months she didn't have any accidents.

Then I took her into the vet to get a teeth cleaning and they put her on antibiotics (Amoxi). That night she wet the bed which I thought was just a result of the anesthesia. Her weekly hormone pill helped for two days then she wet the bed again.

I called the vet and he said to up her hormones to 2mg every 5 days. But, once again, only two days later she has wet the bed.

The only thing I can think of is that the antibiotics (Amoxi) are interfering with the hormones (D.E.S.). Has anybody ever heard of this?

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I've never had a dog on hormones and Amoxi at the same time, but..

Leo's also on Amoxi for kennel cough, and he has wet the bed for the four past nights in a row (and last night had three accidents in the house). He's also on steriods, too, and I thought the accidents were from the steriods, but your post made me wonder. He's completely trained, too- no accidents except when I started him on Temaril and Amoxi.

We're trying to control it with water regulation- my vet said he would stop having accidents when he was done with the meds.
Kiona CGC

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Barked: Mon Feb 5, '07 12:54pm PST 
Don't know about the drug interaction, but I do know that antibiotics make a dog drink more, and thus they have to pee more. The ONLY time Indy has ever had an accident was when he was anitbiotics - and he is a dog with a bladder of steel!!

Kiona has mild incontinence (which has been completly under control now for over 3 months- whew!) - but when she was on antibiotics, it was a no go. She would have to pee ALL the TIME.

Keiko- (1994-2010)

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Barked: Mon Feb 5, '07 5:49pm PST 
I have noticed Keiko drinking a lot more water. I recently switched her over to a feeding schedule. I thought she was just drinking more water to replace mid-day snacking.

She only has 10 more days of antibiotics. Until then I guess I'll be setting my alarm clock to take her out a couple times during the night.

Thanks for the info.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I won't be continuing to give her an increased dosage of hormones. The 1mg every 7 days worked before the antibiotics so I'm sure it will work again once she's off them.

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Any chance your dog is on steroids too? Daisy had so many accidents at night (like three or four large puddles per night) when she was being treated with cortisone that we had to put in a doggie door.

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Barked: Tue Feb 6, '07 9:39am PST 
Most vets keep pets on IV fluids while they are under anesthesia - so that may account for some of this extra peeing. Also, like in people, anesthesia can cause urine retention - so after surgery, it's a little hard to pee. This will cause frequent peeing of small quantities.

And some antibiotics can cause increaed thirst and urination too.

So now wonder she's wetting the bed!!!
Keiko- (1994-2010)

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Barked: Tue Feb 6, '07 7:12pm PST 
No, she's not on steroids.

Thanks for the info. Atleast I know that it will be over soon.