how long can their paws stand the snow?

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Barked: Sun Jan 14, '07 1:19pm PST 
Curious - Jordan's shown no pain or discomfort being in the snow for as long as our walks / playtime used to be when there wasn't any snow. He doesn't like booties and we don't have heavyduty ones anyways.

I know dogs have less pain receptors (or in Jordan's case perhaps less receptivity to his pain receptors!) but still don't need to be experiencing any frostbite around here...

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Barked: Sun Jan 14, '07 1:26pm PST 
My feet can be in the snow all day and I don't mind. The only time my feet hurt is when snowballs get stuck between my pads. My mom has to stop and take them out for me (or I stop and bite them off) and then I am ready to do some more running in the snow.
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Barked: Sun Jan 14, '07 2:26pm PST 
Maybe your pooch can handle the snow but protecting the skin, fur, and pads on the foot is important. The pads can get chaffed so they need protection. Not unlike using a lip balm, you should consider a balm for your pup's pads. Our breeder recommended a light coating of bag balm, dynamite's wound salve, or other protective ointment to coat the pads during long exposure to the snow.

Enjoy the snow!!!


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How long your dog can stand the cold will really vary by individual. Some dogs appear happy out in the snow all day long, while others are lifting their paws after only a few minutes. So just play it by ear with your guy. If he starts holding his paws up, then maybe it is time to go inside.

And I second the idea for a protective ointment on the paws. We use Musher's Wax around here. It was intended for sled dogs and helps protect against snow clumps, excessive moisture that causes chapping and cracking, and also keeps the nasty salts and chemicals use for ice off of the paws.

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Barked: Sun Jan 14, '07 2:47pm PST 
Okay, Gio, said what I would. I hate having my feet cold, but if Mom puts Mushers wax on, I can be out alot longer! That is the best stuff!

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Heard good things about mushers wax too.

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Barked: Sun Jan 14, '07 10:22pm PST 
I've never tried musher's wax, thanks for the tip everyone! Zuke loves to be out in the snow and because I'm a paranoid owner, I put Bag-Balm on his pads when he comes back inside, but I put it on his pads in the summer time, too...just so they don't get all dried and cracked.

If your worried about salt and chemical ice/snow melters, try out Safe Paw Ice Melter...we use it on our patio and walks, it works great and doesn't hurt Zuke's paws smile

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Barked: Sun Jan 14, '07 10:51pm PST 
Its truly based on how sensitive a dog is to the white stuff. When I was living in Colorado in my younger years Daddy would come home late at night and start shoveling the snow in the drive way. He let Kema and I out to run all around the place seeing that nobody was out that late at night except him. Sometimes he'd be out there for four hours while Kema and I played like maniacs. Never bothered me though if I stood in one place for a really long time I'd start picking up my feet. But as long as I was moving I was fine.

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Barked: Mon Jan 15, '07 8:53am PST 
Missie is just under twelve pounds, and Rocky just over, so I thought they would have terrible problems with the snow and cold. We have had snow on the ground here since mid-October now, and lots of it. As long as the temperature is not too far below freezing, they can run in it for an hour or so (that is as long as I like to be out), and have no problems. They both happily barrel through snow that is over their heads when they are playing. If the temperature drops past -8C, they start shivering and lifting paws in about five minutes, so it is not as much the snow, as the cold.

They hate booties, so I think I'm going to try out some of that Musher's wax for our walks.way to go
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Barked: Mon Jan 15, '07 11:36am PST 
I also heard Vaseline works as well against those snow clumps btwn the toes .. Jordan doesn't get those but gets 'snow boots' going up the sides of his legs and on top of feet.

I guess I can conclude my guy will do fine in the snow.