demodex & bathing

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My baby has demodex mites (awful evil breeder!) He is losing the fur right around both eyes so Doc is treating internally.....treatment just started yesterday. Its been raining here for like 2 days & puppy sure is stinky.... wanna do right by him & I was wondering if I can give him a bath....any advice, suggestions!? Also, any advice on what I can do about reporting this breeder as they also breed Pugs & my friends have a Pug from them that is about a month or 2 older than Baxter & was also found to have demodex right before christmas! Obviously NOT a good clean healthy breeder!

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Barked: Sat Jan 6, '07 3:21pm PST 
Doing rescue I have seen many cases of demodex (I have one now that is almost fully recovered from it)
Bathing is not an issue at all, you can bath her as much as is needed it will not interfere with the meds. I guess she's on Ivermectin?
With my guys we use a scale removing shampoo that seems to work good.

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Bathing is fine, assuming the medication you're giving isn't topical.

As for reporting the breeder...demodectic mange is caused by mites, but all dogs have these mites. It's not a case of not being clean. Instead, some dogs (especially puppies) won't be able to keep the mites in check because of weak immune systems, so the mites overgrow and cause mange. In most cases with puppies, they will outgrow the mange without any treatment because their immune systems will get better as they mature.

That said, if your breeder had multiple puppies that ended up with demodectic mange, that's more of an indication of breeding/raising puppies with weak immune systems, not dirty puppies. Perhaps you should look into what she does when the puppies are young. In order to keep the puppies as healthy as possible, you'd want to make sure that they aren't weaned too early nor given their puppy shots too early (8 weeks should be the earliest for shots).

Here's a page with some information about demodectic mange.

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I am not sure how to report the breeder, but start by word of mouth maybe. That type of mange is passed on from mom to pup (as u already know) . . and it sounds like it is common for both breeds she sells. Since that is the case, she should NOT be breeding those dogs that tend to pass it to the pups. Responsible breeders breed for health standard and tempermant . . not money. Glad you found a good mom to take really good care of you! Good luck and I hope you and Trixie feel better soon.

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Hi, IDemordex 3 times. I have a weak immune system, But when I was on meds all three times, my vet gave me a shampoo. BPO-3, i think thats what the bottle says. They asked me to give him a bath weekly. Guess it helped clean me up better since meds were taking care of me from the inside. Good luck

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thanx for all the answers....I know demodex isnt as bad as it sounds, as a first time puppy mommy though its just scary lookin & scary sounding...poor baby!