Shih Tzu Weight Question & VET Rant

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Rub my belly,- DAMMIT!
Barked: Thu Dec 21, '06 6:48am PST 
I went to the vet yesterday and the vet kept going on about how small she was. Now I know that typically, Shih Tzus are between 10 and 16lbs when full grown. The vet (not my usual guy) said he doubts she will be even 10 lbs and she was probably the runt of the litter. Now I don't know if I'm being paranoid or a little sensitive, but I got the feeling that the vet has a bit of a negative prejudice against small dogs. The way he said she was a runt gave me the impression that he may have thought I got her from a pet store or out of the back of a truck at a mall. She is approx 3lbs and is 4 months old. Is that too small?

I got her from a breeder and she was the same size of her brothers. Both her parents (I got to meet them) looked to be average Shih Tzus. While suckling she wasn't being pushed out of the way or anything. Soooooo.... is she small for her breed? I didn't ask or want a 'tea-cup/mini shih tzu.

I know I'm rambling, but this vet guy really put me off. In future, I will be asking for my first vet when I make appointments. Oh! He also said "she going to have dental issues". I said really, then he back peddles and says "well....shih tzus typically have dental problems". I regret not pushing him for an answer.

I Might Be Small- But I Have It- All!
Barked: Thu Dec 21, '06 6:58am PST 
Pugsley weighted that much at 4 months and now at almost 8 months he weights 11 1/2 -12lbs! Which is small for a pug... since our vet said he is probably done growing (and he is the runt!) Don't let the guy bother you! Being a runt doesn't mean anything =)

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Barked: Thu Dec 21, '06 6:59am PST 
Hi Marty...I am also a very small Shih Tzu I am six mos. old and don't way much over the 5lbs. I go to the vet tomorrow to be spayed and they will weigh me again. Both of my parents are average size (mom 11lbs. dad 9lbs.). I was smaller than my bros. and sisters. My vet has said he can't believe how tiny I am but has never said anything negative about it(he sees my bros and sisters too). Just as long as I eat a consistant amount of food each day. I am pretty picky some days and don't eat very much but make up for it the next day. I belive if you google shih tzu you will find lots of information about their breed even the AKC will give you lots of info. Shih Tzu usually have an overbite
(read that somewhere) so it is normal. I would say that if you love your puppy the best you can and take them for regular check ups it shouldn't matter if they are "runts" or not. Average size dogs have health concerns to, like you are going to give them up for that reason.
"If you have them for a day or years, love them the most you can and they will love you back."


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Barked: Thu Dec 21, '06 7:39am PST 
I got Misty when she was 4 months old, and she was almost 5 pounds. Now she's 15. Your little girl is still a baby, maybe the vet is just accustomed to seeing more adult toy dogs, and the size surprised him. Still it was unprofessional of him to make those remarks given that she's still so young. I would be concerned if she stayed at 3 pounds when she was, for example, 9 months to a year old.

Cuddlebug- Extraordinaire!
Barked: Thu Dec 21, '06 7:48am PST 
Hey - I AM the runt! I am mixed with two other "smaller than Shih Tzu" breeds, BUT
I will be 3 months old on Christmas Eve. I am 12" long, 14" girth, and I weigh a full 7 lbs!
There is nothing wrong with having a runt, if that is what you happen to get. Someone has to love them, too. But it sounds to me as if your vet just wanted to show an "I know more than you do" attitude. I would definitely ask for your regular next time!
Oh, and my vet says some of us Tzus are just slow getting our teeth. I have hardly any so far, and soon it will be time for grownup teeth. As long as we eat good, who cares? At least the only thing I can destroy in the house is a catalogue!
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Barked: Thu Dec 21, '06 3:25pm PST 
I don't know if it's true with all breeds of dogs, but somewoof once said that my full-grown weight will be twice what I weighed at 6 months. Could be something to that. I weighed about 5 pounds. I weigh 10-11 now.

Smoke, Eenie Weenie

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Barked: Thu Dec 21, '06 4:22pm PST 
For Chis I was told that their weight at 8-9 months is pretty much their adult weight.

I am a runt at 1 lb at 11 weeks smile

Barked: Thu Dec 21, '06 4:51pm PST 
No your vet might just of been worry for you. He should of told you better advice. I would go to a vet that would be helpful to you not negative. Hannah at the age of 4 months weighed in at 4 pounds. She gain a pound ever month and her parents were 10 and 12 pounds. Some gain weigh faster than others. You will not no his size exactly until a year old. Younger for chihuahuas though cause they are awhole lot smaller than Shih tzu. He might be smaller than his parents are might weigh the same as his parents. Give it a few more month too see he might just be a small one.
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Barked: Thu Dec 21, '06 5:58pm PST 
It sounds like your dog just might be on the small side. I don't think it was very nice of the vet to act like that but maybe that's just the way they are...

I weighed 9 lbs fully grown and I am pretty small but the vets never said that kind of thing to me!

Barked: Thu Dec 21, '06 6:13pm PST 
Wexford was ver sick when he was a puppy (read his "arrival story"). Anyway, the vet said he probably wont be more than 13 pounds....he is now at a perfect Westie weight - 18 pounds.

So take that with a grian of salt!

Sending you a pup pal request
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