Throwing Up - when does it get serious?

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I didn't do it!
Barked: Fri Oct 27, '06 7:00am PST 
I just want your opinions. I get so worried when ANYTHING happens to Penny. I personally think it’s almost the end of the world when she gets sick! Penny threw up her dinner last night and breakfast this morning. I'm worried sick but this has happened before and the vet is always very casual about. Just tell me to keep her off big meals, giver her some bland food, water and let her rest. I even have some stomach meds from our last vet visit. But it always breaks my heart to see her so tired because she thew up all her food! And I start wondering the million possibilies that can cause her to throw up.

Then again, from what I've seen around dogster, some dogs seem to throw up a lot more than Penny because they eat grass, dirt, weird objects or whatever. So sometimes I feel like throwing up it's not that big of a deal as long as it's not continous for days. I just get so worried - do you guys know what I mean?!
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Barked: Fri Oct 27, '06 7:59am PST 
If she throws up a lot (like after every meal)...I would take her to the vet. It could be that she has a sensitive stomach and needs to have her food changed...or it could be more serious. Also, if you are seeing a pattern to her vomiting (ie: after playing, after drinking water, etc...) let the vet know.

When in doubt...ask the vet!

Hope you are feeling better!
Vance CGC

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Barked: Fri Oct 27, '06 8:06am PST 
The only vomiting that doesn't concern me at all is when a dog only brings up foamy stomach bile.

Periodic upset stomach and throwing up food is normal, but if it's happening all the time I'd be worried, too. Ask a different vet... They might have different ideas.

ETA: If she's throwing up because she's eating grass, dirt, dust, etc, you would see it in her vomit. Those items are usually eaten to induce vomiting (dirt being the exception, as some mineral-defiecent dogs will lick at it). Again, totally normal for dogs to do that once an a while, but I'd be concerned if my dog always felt it had to induce vomiting.

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Xena Puggle:- Curtain Slayer!
Barked: Fri Oct 27, '06 8:10am PST 
If it's right after a meal, it could be that Penny is eating her food too fast. Xena used to throw up her whole meal right after eating when she was younger, but we switched her food and the problem went away.

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Barked: Fri Oct 27, '06 8:50am PST 
I've have had a day where i threw up my breakfast and maybe threw up again later. Mommy usually gives me boiled chicken and rice (bland, no seasonings). That settles my stomach and has always worked for me. Just like for humans, if you throw up once or twice in one day, it's not much to worry about. Mommy used to get real nervous when I threw up more than once, but luckily, I have never been sick for more than a day.

See if Penny will eat boiled chicken and rice. If tomorrow morning, she is still vommiting after her meal, I bet your vet will want to see her. If not, call another vet. Of course, if she starts exhibiting other symptoms: pain, lethargy, etc. I would call before that.

Hope it's nothing to worry about! Good luck smile
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Barked: Fri Oct 27, '06 9:08am PST 
Tohbi used to throw up all the time when he was young. He'd gotten so used to the routine of it, that I'd spread out a bag on the landing and he'd get sick in the bag. Made clean up easy. I think it was a food intolerance because it stopped when I switched his food.

If you feed small amounts and the pup can keep it down, then its probably not the food. I'd say its just eating too fast or an upset tummy. Try limiting the food and/or hand feeding a bit to slow it down.

Try not to worry too much. Just watch for signs of something serious.

Barked: Fri Oct 27, '06 9:27am PST 
Try slowing her down if she is eating to fast. Put her food on a saucer it will slow her down. Feed her three small meals a day instead of two. Raise her bowl off the floor. I have six inch legs so mom couldnt raise it far, but it helped. Watch and see what triggers her episodes. Tell your vet, and if you dont feel he takes it serious enough, find a new one. I have pancreatitis, I could hardly keep things down. And I got pnuemonia from aspirating fluid into my lungs. I was a sick pup on IV's. But that was two years ago. I have to eat prescription diet food. I eat small meals three times a day. I occasionally have a minor flare up. Mom feeds me rice & chicken, chicken broth ice cubes to get fluid into me when my tummy is hurting. My vet has us keep pepto bismal on hand. Just in case I accidently eat something I shouldnt. I am a doxie & all food is fair game smile We see you eat table scraps. Try not to do that. Keep it just dog food.

Dont overly worry....but start keeping track of the triggers as we said & always consult your vet.

PS: You are a cutie!

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I didn't do it!
Barked: Fri Oct 27, '06 11:14am PST 
Aw thanks everyone! Come to think of it, maybe it's because she doesn't chew her food? The two times she threw up, the kibbles were barely digested, so I could see them and they weren't crushed at all! Not even in half! Penny has always been a fast eater and I know she tends to inhale her food but if it is because of this, wouldn't she be throwing up everyday?? She has also been eating the same food, Natural Balance. But I did switch her from the normal kind to the allergy formula cause I thought she was allergic to something for a while. But she she didn't throw up all those times I fed her before...

Hopefully it's just an upset tummy and she'll feel better over the weekend!

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Barked: Fri Oct 27, '06 11:44am PST 
Oh, pretty Penny. So sorry to hear of your turbulent tummy.

I threw up maybe five times in one day close to a week after I broke my toe. Mommy hadn't been able to figure out what was wrong until it started swelling that day (I'm a very brave boy). The vet said that pain can sometimes make dogs queasy.

I hope that's not your situation, just wanted to add my experience for anyone that it might help.

Feel better soon!

Your (digestively functional) friend in fur, Madiba
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Barked: Fri Oct 27, '06 4:01pm PST 
i was throwing up a lot for a while becasue the medicine i was on was upsetting my stomach. n ow i take 1/2 of a 10mg pepcid ac before my meds and i'm fine. you might want to talk to your vet about trying something like that if you are on any meds. Otherwise, my mom would suggest either switching to a bland prescription diet ( ID or EN ar the ones she is familiar with) if its a frequent thing. if its an occasional thing, try eating rice, boiled eggs, or buttermilk. these are great, bland human foods that will calm down your stomach until youre feeling better. if you eat the people food eat only that for a day or two, then start mixing the regular food with the people food ( 3/4 people food 1/4 dog food one day, next day 1/2 people food, 1/2 dog food....) because a sudden change in diet can re upset your stomach. hope you feel better!
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