Heart Worm Pill side effects

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Barked: Sat Sep 2, '06 3:08pm PST 
Gizmo got his first dose of heart guard yesterday. He seemed more lethargic and has vomitted a few times. Other than that he is his normal self, cold nose and demanding. Can heart worm medicine cause this?

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We have never had any problems with our heartworm pills (Interceptor) and our dogs are on them year round. I would call the vet and ask them about it because it seems to me if they are puking, the meds probably came out too.

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Barked: Sun Sep 3, '06 4:48am PST 
Ditto to what Brandy said. I've never seen any side effects on my dogs, so I think you should go to the vet.


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Barked: Sun Sep 3, '06 10:21am PST 
Sasha had a reaction to heartguard. Each month she took it she would vomit small amounts of clear saliva looking stuff with a very small amount of blood in it. I called the Vet and asked about it and they were not helpful. So I stopped giving it to her and it never happend again. She also had a heartworm test which came back negative prior to taking the heartguard. Sasha is no longer with us but I give the dogs I have now Interceptor without any problems.

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Murphy has Side effects, every month he throws up and has the ruins from it. The vet said its side effects from the heartgaurd!
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Barked: Sun Sep 3, '06 12:25pm PST 
Heartworm medications (milbemycin and ivermctin) are drugs. Drugs can ALL have side effects. Both these products are tested on a large number of dogs and have been found to be safe. That doesn't mean that your dog has not had an "adverse reaction," as we call it. Switch to the other drug if you're one of the unlucky ones. Usually that works. And remember--no collie or Aussie should ever receive ivermectin. Adverse drug reactions to ivermectin (in Heartgard) are common to these breeds.

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Barked: Sun Sep 3, '06 9:31pm PST 
Dr. Patty:

A former foster dog of mine was part blue heeler, part border collie and I gave her Revolution that has ivermectin in it. It said on the package that it was safe for collies. She was fine, no reactions at all. Her new daddy has continued to give it to her with their vet's approval.

I also gave another foster of mine, a purebred border collie, Revolution and she was perfectly fine as well.

Are they just exceptions to this? Why would Revolution say they were safe for collies if ivermectin is harmful to that breed?

Oops.. it's avermectin that's in Revolution. Apparently it's still the same thing.

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It probably is the heart worm pill. As a matter of fact, dogs have have reactions and and dogs have died on every single one of them. The worst, however, was the 6 month injedtagle that came out about 5 years ago. It was pulled two years ago today, which was to late for my Hunter and over 600 more REPORTED deaths. and 600 reactions. More dogs died for up to a couple of years after they had their reaction_--usually the ones that got seizures. The FDA says only 10 to 15 % are reported. My Hunter died oct. 16, 2003 and it was pulled Sept. 3, 2004.

Revolution is the 2ed in line for reactions and deaths reported to the FDA. Also, it is known tht that ivermectin should not be given to the herding group. I do think there are some breeds that do okay, but collies and shelties, etc are a no-no when it comes to that. I don't understand it exactly but someho it crosses the barriaer into the brain.

My dogs were on Interceptor before ProHeart and afterwards. My poor Hunter was the guinea pig and it killed him. However, I was lead to believe it was perfectly safe, well tested, etc. What a crock of BS.