Dog got bitten by another dog

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The Divine Devil- Dog
Barked: Mon Aug 7, '06 11:59am PST 
My friends dog got bitten by another dog (he's got all his shots). It was Sunday when most vet's are off. She called one that was working but was about to get off, didn't seem like he wanted her to take the dog in. Anyways, he said it was too late to get stitches and that she should just keep the wounds clean and apply neosporin. There's 2 cuts that are small (both about quarter of an inch). There was a little bleeding. Her face was swollen but the vet said to give her some tylenol. It's been 2 days, her face is still a little swollen. My neighbor doesn't know if she should take her to the vet or not. She's asking me and I don't know what to tell her cuz' I'm not a licensed professional. what do you think? By the way, her dog is Miso's girlfriend, my daughter-in-law so that's what I'm concerned.

he's one in a- million!!!!
Barked: Mon Aug 7, '06 12:03pm PST 
it's better to be safe then sorry...i would say take the dog to the vet.

Chia Kitai!
Barked: Mon Aug 7, '06 12:51pm PST 
When my last dog Kotaro was bitten by another dog the wounds were fairly small but the problem was that the other dogs tooth caught onto a piece of muscle that then tore the muscle apart from the skin. This area filled with fluid and swelled up requiring a drain tube and anitibiotics for several days until the tissue had healed.

Hope everything turns out ok.

"Mocha Java"- aka Java

Da Bulls.. Goin'- all Da Way!
Barked: Mon Aug 7, '06 2:38pm PST 

I hope after reading this, you choose a different Vet to call... Tylenol can kill your dog or cat.. It should NEVER be given..

Tylenol (Acetaminophen) Toxicity

This medication commonly used in people can cause liver toxicity in dogs when given one to two tablets daily over several days.

Cats have a lower ability to metabolize this drug. A single dose of one half to one tablet can cause poisoning affecting the ability of red blood cells to carry oxygen. One extra strength tablet can be fatal.

This is one of the most common drug toxicity in cats.

It is seen considerably less frequent in dogs.

Clinical Signs

Signs may develop 1–4 hr after dosing and include:


Rapid breathing

Darkened mucous membranes-this reflects the inability of the red blood cells to carry oxygen in cats

Progressive depression

Facial swelling in cats



Abdominal pain

Chocolate-colored urine especially in cats


History of exposure is most important for differentiating from other diseases.

Diagnostic Tests

CBC/Biochemistry Profile /Urinalysis

Dogs—destruction of the liver; elevated liver test and jaundice in chronic cases


Induce vomiting and place a stomach tube to evacuate the stomach is useful within 4–6 hr of ingestion

Activated charcoal

SAMe (S-adenoslmethionine)

N-acetylcysteine (Mucomyst)

A blood transfusion may be required

Fluid therapy is administered to maintain hydration and electrolyte balance


Clinically affected patients may be prolonged and expensive.
and that patients with liver injury may require prolonged and costly management.


Never give acetaminophen to cats

Give careful attention to the acetaminophen dose in dogs.


Pets with affected livers may develop cirrhosis (scarring ) of the liver. This is a permanent disease.


The prognosis is guarded due to damaged red blood cells and can be fatal.
Death can occur 18-24 hours after ingestion in cats and dogs can develop irreversible liver disease.

For more information call National Animal Poison Control: 900 680 0000

I have never heard of a Vet telling someone to give Tylenol..

You can get- anything if you- sit pretty!
Barked: Mon Aug 7, '06 3:07pm PST 
No Tylenol!!!
It can be deadly, they can be given asprin but never Tylenol.
Please tell your friend this and I would also give the vet a piece of my mind for even suggesting that!
Isabelle- (1993 - 2005)

My Heart is- Bigger than the- Universe
Barked: Mon Aug 7, '06 4:26pm PST 
no tylenol no ibuprofen.
I'd see the vet.
I sent my brother to the emergency room with a bite on his back.
it wasn't wide, but it was deep, and required stitches.
good luck
big grin
Sammy- ♥ - KABX

Got Balls?
Barked: Mon Aug 7, '06 4:31pm PST 
I can't believe an acutal vet told you to give tylenol to a dog! That is a big no-no. Aspirin, benadryl, even dramamine are OK, but NEVER Tylenol! I would NOT go to that vet for sure. I would take the dog to another vet because the wound could be infected or there could be internal damage that you can't see which is causing the inflammation. Hope the doggy is OK.

BTW: One Tylenol WILL kill a cat, I hope that vet isn't going around telling cat owners to give Tylenol also!

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Wag and Roll
Barked: Mon Aug 7, '06 5:57pm PST 
Everydog is right....NO Tylenol!

You did not mention where the bite was, but there is always a chance for internal bleeding (neck, stomach)or other non visable damage, so it is certainly best to be checked out immediately. The area should probably be shaved and the wound cleaned,and the pup should be on antibiotics for infection, I would seek out different vet than the one originally consulted. Warm compresses (a washcloth with warm water) may help with the swelling.

Baxter was bit by a neighborhood dog few weeks ago, on the surface it didn't appear too bad, but once the area was shaved it revealed the actual damage and required some staples and antibiotics for ten days.

Best of luck to the pup.
Holly Bear- our angel- ♥

Forever My Boyds- Bear
Barked: Mon Aug 7, '06 9:31pm PST 
My best friend and sister Ariel ate some tylenol and other things when she somehow found a pill container.. she was in vet care for a week! I hope the puppies bites get better!
Buddie D.- Smith- 1993-2006

Love- Never- Dies
Barked: Mon Aug 7, '06 9:39pm PST 
I really find it hard to believe that any vet would say to give a dog Tylenol.

Also and with all due respect, why even think twice about it... and for so long? (2 days???) Take the poor pup to a vet!

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