Sex drive after neutering?

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Barked: Wed Jul 26, '06 12:42pm PST 
Ok. I know about the humping people/dogs thing and aggression. Thats why my mom took my favorite 'humping' stuff toy away: I would grab it 'n shake it and then really go at it. But a couple of wks ago, I got a hold of the toy again and really started humping it to the point where I got an erection. A big one. So, I thought that was fun and I kept on doing it. Mom is confused. If it's aggression then she won't let me have the toy again. But if its something I like, what's the harm? Also, should I still have this type of drive? I'm 18 mos old and I was neutered when I was 6 mos.

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Barked: Wed Jul 26, '06 1:31pm PST 
toy humping isn't usually domination. It's usually...er...um...gratification.
And my Mom stops it because it's embarassing when other people come over to see her beautiful kerry girl going to town on the ottoman.
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I still hump, too.. *blushes*

And I have to tell you, dogs always have an "erection" (well not always), as they really have a bone in there, unlike our humans... so it can come out at any time...

*blushes deeper red*

Glad I'm a black dog, or you would be able to tell!

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Buddy was neuetered at 3 yrs of age after escaping the yard and having pups with the neighbors dog. He had a really bad habit of licking himself and humping blankets, pillows, toys, etc. About 6 months after the neuter he was 100% improved. Last year my friend brought her bulldog over that was in heat and the humping started agian. Now he seems to hump when he is upset. Example being if my godchild is over and I scold him for licking his face excessively him will start panting really heavy then go in the bedroom and hump his blanket. He seems to work is aggressions pout on the blanket. I believe neutered dogs do this for dominance, frustration, and gratification. Some dogs hump from birth until death even of they are neutered young- that usually is a behavior issue.
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I used to hump when I was excited. Like if my folks would play with me, I would get so worked up and happy, I just HAD to hump something. Usually it was a pillow or a stuffie...

I was neutered, then, too....

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Guilty! But only stuffed animals that are bigger than me.

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Dogs hump for a number of reasons. As already stated, they hump to be dominant, and also when they get really excited. My Charlie gets so excited sometimes he just starts humping air... he doesn't know what to do with himself! Jamie does it, too. So its not just guys!

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Barked: Wed Jul 26, '06 4:56pm PST 
My Birken started humping EARLY...
I freaked out an had him neutered at around 5 mos....

Now he will only hump his best/girlfriend - my grandma's maltese...
I think he does that out of dominance...cuz it's not like he's REALLY doing anything...u know what i mean?
but he never humps anything else...

However....when i watch my friends chihuahua, who was also neutered....he just starts humpin away on all of birken's toys....!!!

It's kind of funny and kind of weird =/

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Barked: Thu Jul 27, '06 5:13am PST 
Thanks Everyone! My mom is so relieved. She gave ya'll a bone!
Love Otto.