mini dachshund had 1 stillborn puppy

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Barked: Sat Jul 22, '06 11:48am PST 
Our mini dachshund had 1 puppy Monday night and it was stillborn. Now all she does is whine and cry. For the first few days, she looked everywhere for her baby. Now she won't let anyone out of her sight. We are giving her a little valium prescribed by the vet but that really doesn't help much. Someone has to be sitting by her side at all times or she just cries. Our nerves are frazzled. Any suggestions? Today was the first day she ate anything since just before she went into labor. She ate a little hotdog with meds in it.

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Get her spayed ASAP.
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Awwwww, poor dog! I'd say just give her lots of love and attention and it should get better with time. I lost a human baby like that too, (stillborn) and your dog is just mourning the loss just the same.

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Well, she's probably hormonal and grieving her loss. It will get better with time. Maybe she will transfer her "mothering" instincts to a stuffed toy or other object. Some pups do. Once she has recovered, and she will, please spay her. It's the kindest act you could give to her. It will prevent this from ever being a problem for her again, protect her health and insure that there are fewer unwanted pups in the already overcrowded shelters out there. We hope your baby gets better soon and that she is back to her old self shortly as well.

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I'd talk to your breeder and vet. The vet checked that there wasn't one more hiding in there? If they can't help I'd honestly try some Dachshund lists because the majority of people here do not breed their animals. I am active in the dogshow world and an AKC and IABCA champion but at this point the bipedess has no plans to get into breeding. She's leaving it to the pro's.

I know this isn't the time to talk about why not to breed your dog but I have links on my page if you're interested in a recent diary.

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maybe u shoudn't give too TOO much love and attention as she is grieving b/c it might negatively reinforce her bad feelings....
but i would definitely have her checked by a vet and maybe contact a trainer to see how to snap her out of it...
i'm so sad for her....i hope she returns to her normal self soon....
keep us updated, ok?
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Meesha(our mini Dachie) is doing much better. She still whines a little and doesn't want to be by herself yet, but she's gradually becoming her old self. We did get her to eat some chicken and rice canned food yesterday and today. We threatened her by letting the cat get close to the food. She didn't want the cat to eat it so she ate most of it. We do plan on having her spayed when the Vet says she is ready. Thank you everyone for your feedback.