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Barked: Fri May 8, '09 1:21pm PST 
mummy maay be buying one of these dogs, so please tell me as much about them as possible - I want to know what to expect! big grin

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Barked: Mon May 11, '09 11:30am PST 
We do not have one, but we were in talks with one breeder (the only one in the US) about them and what they were like.

From what I gather, they have the energy and work ethic of a German Shepherd Dog. 40+ German Shepherd Dogs and only 4 Eurasian wolves were used in the creation of this breed. That being said, they are large dogs with a strong need for work/exercise. The breeder we were in talks with highly suggests a tall, large fenced yard. They require extensive socialization as pups, and can be suspicious and standoffish of strangers. I don't feel that they are good first-time dogs for persons unaccustomed to large working dogs.

Depending on where you live (if you are in Europe, Asia, etc, or America), there may be some difficulty in obtaining one. The only breeder right now in the US requires that her future planned litter go to homes that are willing to work with them and obtain performance titles in show.

I suggest if possible, to meet some of these dogs or other related dogs such as the GSD and see if you are really up for the requirements that these dogs need. In the FCI, Vlcaks are classified as herding dogs. They are hardy dogs with a lot of stamina and will need training. Best of luck in your search!