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Barked: Tue Feb 7, '12 4:48pm PST 
Hi there,
My brother and I are 3 and a half months old, so we haven't had our final round of shots yet. Our owner was wondering about the socialization abilities of our breed. She knows we're great with people, but due to the whole shot thing, we haven't been around other dogs yet. Not an urgent topic, but just wondering how friendly we are to other pups!

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Barked: Sat Feb 25, '12 9:13pm PST 
I think Cotons get along with other dogs pretty easily. Our little one is just 4 months old and we had to take her to a doggy daycare recently. I explained to the owner that she had not yet been socialized with dogs but that I would love for her to see how she did with the others. When we went to pick her up there she was just playing and trotting along with three very HUGE dogs....much to our delight!