I am Joker

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Barked: Fri Jan 30, '09 6:17pm PST 
(Lance's Brother) dancing

Amazing Collie- Girl Her Royal- Highness
Barked: Sun Feb 1, '09 11:17pm PST 
Hi, Joker and Lance! Welcome! Maybe we can get this group to be more active on Dogster. I keep checking, and nothing for months, it seems.

We have a collie (Cirrus) and a black GSD (Rook). What a combination, like yin and yang! They get along great, and kind of complement each other. blue dog

All the world's- a playground!

Barked: Fri Apr 17, '09 7:38pm PST 
Hello! wave

My best friend, B'Elanna, went to the Bridge a little over a year ago. cry She is an Airedale and very brave. I miss her so much.