Does your collie herd?

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Barked: Fri Nov 28, '08 3:45pm PST 
I've taken Cirrus to herd dog training on and off for over 5 years, and she's still at level 1 (free for all chase) because her prey drive is not strong enough for her to start training. However, we still go once in awhile because it's fun for both of us. She gets a chance at ducks (which perks her up more), and then sheep. Sometimes she's more interested in nibbling at the sheep poop! She does seem to have some instincts for herding, but at a low energy level, and the sheep do move. The trainer has always said the moment she bites the sheep she'll get a cookie! I have settled with she'll always be this way, and just enjoy working with her in the ring. She loves it so much she barks and whimpers from 30 miles away as we approach the facility!

I have seen other collies do just fine, even seniors like Cirrus. Have you taken your dog to herd dog training? What has it been like for you?snoopy

Amazing Collie- Girl Her Royal- Highness
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Is there a collie out there that will answer this post??? It's been awhile. Come on now, the GSD group is more active than this! Hello? Helloooooo out there? blue dog

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Hello, Cirrus! wave
Nope, I come here about once a year! laugh out loud Our cats keep hogging the computer!

I've never taken Amber to any herding or tried training her. When we had our horse she would always walk right behind him and try to nip his heels. I was always afraid he would kick her in the face but my farrier who had Australian Shepherds said the dogs' reflexes are fast enough that they wouldn't be kicked.

Amber tries a mild form of herding me. She puts her body in front of me, trying to "herd" me in a certain direction. Does Cirrus do that to you?


Amazing Collie- Girl Her Royal- Highness
Barked: Sun Apr 19, '09 7:47am PST 
Finally, someone answers! Thanks, Amber!big grin

The only one she nips at the ankles is me! When she is in hyper mode, she also unties my shoelaces while I'm trying to walk. Another fun game to her. She also used to take off my socks nibbling at the toes!

Nope, she's not a great herder, but she will play with a group of dogs, and instead of chasing, she cuts them off while they are running. I don't know if that's called herding, but she is strategizing! She does this with her pack mate GSD Rook when he's running in circles chasing the flashlight in the field!snoopy
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My dog Chance used to herd. First he started with us by nipping at our ankles and leaning up against us to push us where he wanted us, and if all else failed, he'd hit us with a front paw. My brother and I got some Pygmy goats for 4-H projects later. The first day we let them out of their pen, Chance watched them, then when he thought they got too far out into the field, he herded them back to our yard. We didn't teach him a thing, he just naturally did it. My brother also used to raise steers for 4-H. My dad thought that he'd let Chance in the pasture and have him herd one of the steers into the livestock trailer. He did a great job until the steer pinned him in the corner and tried to head butt him.

After reading some of the other posts on this website about collies, I am sure Chance was not normal. One, we had some lady tell us he was really rare and special during a garage sale, and at the time I thought he was special ed since he had just eaten all the dry wall around his cubby in the garage. Later I did research and found that he fit the exact profile of the original collie before they were breeded "down" by the AKC in size and color (he actually had 4 colors if you count that he had 2 browns). Second, he was so intelligent!! The absolutely smartest dog I or anyone I know has ever seen. He definitely had a knack for out-smarting us! Chance figured out how to open the gate latch on our old 6' tall privacy fence, how to open a door, how to shut off each individual underground sprinkler head (he hated water unless he was drinking it), he adopted a kitten and raised it, if something was edible, he always figured out how to get it, and he knew who was "shady" and who wasn't and made sure he was in between us and the "shady" person at all times. Basically, if he was determined to do something, he would figure out a way to do it, and usually in a short amount of time.
Beau *in- memory*

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I agree this forum is slow isn't it? The aussie one is usually pretty busy. Anyways, Beau was not a herding dog at all, in fact he lacked all motivation to herd. He was smart enough to pick up on what he was supposed to do, but didn't have the drive for it. He would rather take a naplaugh out loud Unlike our border collie, he would never dream of chasing or nipping anything.

I have been looking at breeders of various breeds over the last year, including collies. And I have noticed several breeders are starting to try and breed the drive back in. Many of them are starting to work their collies on stock again, not just in the conformation ring.

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Ooh, two posts in May! Yahoo!

Anyway, nice to hear from you both. Yes, collie are quite intelligent. In fact, sometimes I look at Cirrus, and she seems like the queen of everything! At the herd dog training place (Ewe-topia), the trainers were trying to figure out how to increase her prey drive, like let her grab and tug at a sock filled with sheep wool they had just cut. She had her good moments though, caught on videotape a few times, and then her "who cares, I'll eat sheep poop" attitude (quite embarassing). Still we love her no matter what!snoopy