My BSL growls

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Gray Dawn- Treader

Don't Tread on- me
Barked: Wed Jan 16, '08 8:52am PST 
Banning breeds is reffered to, in the dog lover's world, as BSL - short for Breed-Selective Legislature. As I say when people ask me if German Shepherd, Cookie, bites, "Dogs bite when they feel threatened or when the owner isn't responsible enough to train or raise their dog right." It's a lot more compicated than that, but it is a good overview. People are so worried about discrinating against other people...well, banning a breed because of a few agressive dogs - this, my friends, is breed discrimination. German Shepherd owners, Pit Bull owners, and any other owners of any other so-called agressive breeds - do you want your dog taken away from you and "humanely" euthenized because of some unresponsible owners? I have my dogs on a website called "Dogster" - you should go there, www.dogster.com - and on this website we have a saying: Punish the DEED, not the BREED! This means, punish the DOG who did the crime, not the BREED of the dog who did the crime. That is like banning an entire race of humans just because some of them killed somebody. Now, in some instances, the dog is protecting himself, or his owners. These instances should not be punished...after all, the dog was only doing his duty. There is also a very rare type of agression. I suppose it like a seizure, as the dog seems to not be in control of himself. In this rare agression, the dog will bite anything that comes near it, and - only a few minutes later - act as if nothing ever happened. Dogs with this type of agression should be euthenized, because they ARE - unlike most of the dogs getting put down today because of being "agressive" - a danger to people. I believe that BSL will eventually try to ban all dogs. The best way to stop BSL is to make your dog a good example of it's breed.