I have no idea what to do with him!recently adopted,might return HELP!!!

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Barked: Fri Apr 4, '14 9:55pm PST 
Before people yell at me,I know "returning" my dog is not the option i want to go with but lately I feel it might be the best.

I lost my ten year old miniature schnauzer back in January, I knew I wanted another dog, went threw all the research on what breed I should get besides a schnauzer. I was looking into more of a husky and one day when I randomly stop by the animal shelter I found Casanova. I fell in love with him instantly! He was the only one who wasn't backing and remained calm, basically the sweetest dog ever! He would cry when i would leave, it was adorable! I brought my mom and grandma even my dad and sister's dog to meet him before I made the decision of getting him. The local animal shelter told me that he was aggressive with other male dogs his size or bigger and he liked to jump up on women. Other than this they had no record of him because he was a stray.

I live in my parent's house and usually my sister,parents or me will be the house but as a freshmen in college and my sister in high school and my parents with crazy work schedules the house will at time be empty and it will be just the dogs.

The fist three days where rough...really rough! He would refuse to get in the car, peed everywhere, he even ate my bra and blanket not to mention the separation anxiety! Though I have fixed his anxiety or being left alone and getting in the car I have yet to fix the constant chewing. He has chewing my moms wood chair and her $5,000 sofa not to mention shoes and purses ( the shoes and purses I don't mind as it was my fault for not picking them up). I've tried putting cider on the wood and that seems to have stoped him but for the leather couch of my mom I have no idea what to do, he keeps going after it. The other issue is keeping him in the backyard. He is an escape artist! he constantly gets out! I have to keep him in a tied up and I hate doing that but other wise he gets out. the worst habit of all is the biting. If he gets resistless or wants attention he will nibble on your hand, toes, ear, basically anywhere. It can be kind of scary when your arm is in his mouth. those he doesn't bite hard at times it still hurts as if you are being pinched. But as I've been training him not to he seem to get mad and tries to snip at my hand. Today after being scolded he "bit" my upper arm and it was painful but didn't leave marks. After he did that I got up he barked and I went to hid in the bathroom.

I really do love this dog as we all do in my family he gets along greatly with my sister female westie but with the biting and the damaged sofa my mom is ready to kick him out even though she loves him as well. I haven't told her about him biting me this evening as I'm afraid that will really be her last straw. Even as i type this he is asleep on the floor next to me. I really do not know what to do. please help.

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Barked: Sat Apr 5, '14 5:52am PST 
Well before you get to caught up on the thought of returning him, his behaviours sound like they could be easily managed. Have you thought about crate training him? That way it would prevent him chewing the sofa when no one is around. What kind of toys is he provided with? What kind of mental/physical exercise does he get? Want him to stop escaping the yard, simply stop leaving him out there unattended. The "biting" sounds like he lacks bite inhibition when playing. It doesn't sound aggressive from what I can understand, but you may want to look into a behaviourist. Does the rescue you got him from provide training/behaviour help afterwards?
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Yup. That's a Husky. I'm kinda surprised you did breed research with intent to get a Husky and are caught off-guard by all this.

He needs more exercise than he's getting. Being quiet in a shelter is usually indicative of stress and shut down. He's out now, he's feeling better, and he needs to run.

Once he's well exercised, the attention-seeking should subside. In the meantime, as you have discovered, "scolding" a dog for attention-seeking most often completely backfires. He's looking for attention, and you're giving it to him. Since it's negative attention, he's coming back with his own snark.

Instead, if he is being inappropriate, he looses you. Either you leave and ignore him for 3-5 min, or he goes in a dog-safe room or very sturdy crate for 3-5 min, until he's settled down. Then try again.

Having a safe place for him to stay when he's not supervised will also keep him from destroying your house. If he's obsessed with a certain piece of furniture, he should lose access to it for now. Get him on a solid exercise program, get some basic training in him, and slowly let him prove he can have his freedom in the house.

Make sure he has plenty of good things to chew on, too. Good by his standards, not yours. Antlers, bully sticks, raw meaty bones, or toys you've stuffed with food like West Paw's Tux, or Kong toys. Many dogs have a psychological need to chew to consume that can only be quelled by items like these. A stressed dog may feel this even stronger, since chewing relieves stress.

As to the yard, exercise will help here too. If he's tired and happy, he doesn't have as much reason to leave. Still, if you can improve your fencing, do. Otherwise use the line. There's nothing wrong with using lines, so long as you're supervising and the dog is getting adequate exercise.


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First off you have my deepest sympathy. I adopted Misha as a puppy, purebred Siberian. In her first month with us she...
Ate the wallpaper off as far as she could reach in the bathroom
Howled whenever we stepped out the door
Knocked my two year old over like a bowling pin...regularly
Made the kitchen chairs chewy toys
Was too much dog for a modest sized apartment, but my brother took over from there.
He had a full fenced yard and the patience and strength to get her regular exercise and training. She failed obedience school a few times before they got it manageable. Even into old age she could leap a six foot cyclone fence, speaking of six feet, that was the depth of the trench she dug circling the yard.
All that being said, huskies are gorgeous, intelligent, strong, strong-willed but with the right training and plenty of vigorous exercise you can have a truly amazing dog. Best of luck to you!