What breed is this...?

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Cheese? PLEASE!
Barked: Tue Sep 17, '13 10:36pm PST 

something else...?
Jewel, PCD

8.6lbs of fury- in a bow!
Barked: Wed Sep 18, '13 10:47am PST 
Yeah looks like a black GSD. Here's dogster Onxy's page to compare.


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Spooky Mulder
Barked: Wed Sep 18, '13 10:55am PST 
Personal opinion is that he has something else mixed in. Head shape is a bit too square (even as blocky headed GSDs go) and the body type is wrong. Maybe mixed with some Mal or something else, my guess would be high GSD mix.

Scruffy (RIP)

In Loving Memory
Barked: Wed Sep 18, '13 2:26pm PST 
GSD/Lab mix maybe?

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Barked: Wed Sep 18, '13 3:16pm PST 
Like Mulder said, the head very square, and the ears seem a bit wide set to me. I wasn't sure if the body just looked off because the dog is a bit overweight, but I think it's more than that.

He does look very GSD though, could just be deviated from the standard or have a little of something else mixed in. With ears like that, I wouldn't think he could have too much of any breed with floppy ears.
Toto, CD, RN, CGC

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Barked: Thu Sep 19, '13 3:14pm PST 
My guess is mixed with something like a pit or boxer or the like as that coat is way, way too short for a shepherd OR a shepherd/lab mix, IMO.

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Barked: Thu Sep 19, '13 8:35pm PST 
that is definitely a shepherd/lab mix - looks identical to a dog that used to live on the route to my school. stupid thing would charge the fence barking like a lunatic every time i walked past (i was about 8yrs old). one day, i reflexively threw one of those hard-to-chew hallowe'en "kiss" candies. the dog snatched it out of the air and blessed, blissful silence fell. from then on, every time i passed by, i'd toss him a caramel and he'd leave me alone.

one day the owner saw me do it and came out just a-freaking, accusing me of poisoning her dog. i got scared and ran home crying so my dad stormed over there and got all up in her grill. finally the whole story came out and dad told the owner it was her fault for having an aggressive dog running loose in a back yard with a fence that could easily be jumped (it was about 4ft high - came up to my ear). the owner said nonsense, her dog is a shepherd/lab mix and both breeds are known for being smart and friendly so obviously it was something i was doing that set the dog off.

and, well, it kinda went downhill from there with cops and animal control and everything.

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