Considering this dog but what is his breed?

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So I am the Guest poster who asked about an ideal breed for me. Now I said I did not want to adopt but, well, while I was visiting a doggy day care I cam across a newly abandoned puppy. I was wondering if you guys can help me figure out his breed to know what I am getting myself into. Thanks!

Here is a video of him: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=210511872442973&comment_id=6230 28&offset=0&total_comments=10&ref=notif¬if_t=video_reply

I am guessing a Siberian Husky mixed with...a lurcher/desert dog? Someone suggested a Malamut.

The reason I wanted to ask is because I heard Sibs have a huuuge drive that I am worried I can't provide, so any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Oh man.. Hes so cute.. Reminds me of Arkane with those big ears, deep soulful eyes and that long muzzle. frown

I don't know what mix he is, but if he is anything like my Arkane, with that lil wagglebutt walk and those eyes, he just wants love. High energy but has an off switch, but all he wants is cuddles and love. Arkane was scared of loud noises, and a lot of things.. very skittish. But warmed up quickly and was highly trainable.

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Arkane, he has a fear of loud sounds too! I was told he is a cuddlebug and so far doesn't seem high energy since I voiced my concern. They also offered the doggy day care as a place to expend his energy if I ever felt overwhelmed.

How much exercise does Arkane need a day?


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Arkane was low energy overall (but he also had heart complications that limited him), but when he was super excited we'd do a ~20 minute run (he'd be offleash and would follow me) or kick the soccerball around and he loved that.. usually only 2 times a day. I never walked him much except inside petsmart/pet stores because there are a lot of loud dogs around us that would really bother him.


We also did lots of hiking / camping on weekends, he was usually tired after an hour or two and we'd stop and take a break for him.



If Arkane was stressed, he always seemed very slow and low energy. But honestly he was a very easy dog, and would probably rather cuddle on the couch all day.
He wasn't much of a chewer, and didn't like his paws being touched. But would do anything and everything for you even if he didn't want to / didn't like it.

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Looks like he's a mix of a mix of a mix. Husky/desert dog probably is a decent guess.

Just FYI, if you do take him, his pasterns looks like they're sagging. It could just be poor nutrition, but if you wanted the dog for anything beyond a normal semi-active lifestyle I'd probably consider another prospect.

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Arkane, that sounds perfect and Arkane sounds like such a wonderful dog. I am sorry for your loss but at least he seemed so happy while with you! Not to mention what a stunner! shock
The amount you described sounds roughly what I have in mind, except I am hoping for more walks (thankfully My neighbor's dogs rarely bark.)

Cohen; wow, great catch on the pasterns! I didnt notice and I just met the dog! (Then again I didnt know what pasterns were until your post red face) I really wanted to focus on obedience training for my next dog, which is why I am rather hesitant (desert dogs are rather independent and huskies aren't exactly known for their biddability.)

I spoke to the owner of the daycare and she said I can foster him and see how it goes, she is more than willing to take him back if it doesn't work out, which is incredibly sweet of her. I am thinking of picking him up next week. Only problem is my mom really dislikes his look, she prefers purebred to mutts or 'street dogs'. shrug

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he is adorable. tell your Mom he is a very rare breed and make a name up.

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Savannah, LOVE that idea! A Desert Husky...

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A Siberian mix sometimes is 'easier' than a purebred. My Lily girl is skittish, gentle, but fun loving. Walks?? As many and as long as you want. Obedience?? He'll do just fine because he wants to please you.