Emma Franklin/Ray Smith of "meetmymaltese.com"

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I'm posting here hoping I can get a little help. I'm trying to get as many page views on a different forum post as I possibly can, in the hopes of redirecting anyone who might happen to search for info on an extremely questionable breeder.

http://spoiledmaltese.com/forum/56-breeders/170610-emma- franklin-meetmymaltese-com.html

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Images are hard to post here, which is why I'm hoping you can redirect to the above post to see what's going on and offer some page views.

I'd really appreciate any help. This man, Ray Smith, has been selling puppies out of his tanning salon "Premier Mega Tan" for years. Many of them I'm certain are brokered from larger mills, and the ones he does breed are not bred reputably. The girl he has covering for him now, Emma Franklin, is no better. She's simply selling his dogs for him.

His old business used to be called maltesedirect.com or Maltese Direct... the new one is Meet My Maltese or meetmymaltese.com. He sells them out of his tanning salon, "Premier Mega Tan".

Again, any help at all... thanks
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