French bulldogs?

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I checked the dogster's dog breed directory page, but didn't find anything on these guys. I'm just here asking for a friend who's family will most likely be getting one...

Personal experience? Second-hand experience? Temperament, health concerns?
Addy, CGC

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Health concerns: breathing. Cannot emphasize that enough. Snorting, snuffling, and snoring are not cute; they are signs of a dog who has difficulty breathing, and may need a soft palate resection.

On the other hand this is a dog that was developed as a household companion for working women. They love to be with you, but are not as clingy and dependant as some companion breeds can be.

Your friends will want to be sure they are dealing with a responsible breeder who breeds for free breathing.

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In addition to breathing issues there are also spinal issues, patella issues and, strangely enough, hip dysplasia!! This breed is a "dwarf" breed so those skeletal issues can be a major problem. As Addy stated, make sure you only go with a pup from health tested adults!!!!
They are wonderful house dogs, but are extremely independent!!! Jethro lives in a house with other small dogs, poodles and Cresteds. While the poodles and cresteds always want to be near me and always are in the room I am in, Jethro usually spends his time off by himself.
Outdoors they pretty much always need a leash as this independence can take them off wandering. Even with good, free breathing, they are still a brachephilic breed and cannot deal with heat and/or too much activity. Humidity also affects their breathing and in warmer weather they do best left at home in the AC.
While most are great with kids, they must be constantly watched as children do not understand their breathing issues and can get them too wound up and overheated.
Same sex aggression can be an issue with Frenchies, especially with the females. They do best with a dog of the opposite sex, even when neutered.
Like most bulldog breeds, they can be extremely gassy!! They are also prone to the many skin issues that plague bully breeds, including mast cell tumors and histocytomas.
I LOVE my Frenchies, but I do understand their limitations and don't expect them to be able to keep up with the poodles and cresteds.
Sadly, they are not usually a long lived breed and 10 is considered old. I currently live with four Frenchies, and have shared my home with them for over thirty years now.

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Our friends have one whom they absolutely adore. She is a sweetie, and has a great personality, but health issues just seem inevitable.
Theirs is white, and maybe that makes the skin issues worse. Since she was just a pup they've been fighting with allergies and skin issues. She also had to have at least one lump removed. She's doing much better since they switched vets and have her on a raw food diet. Make sure your friends find a vet that is knowledgeable about the breed. Coco is 4 now.
I know there are specific websites for Frenchie owners where you can find a lot more detailed information.

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My first one was white. She had skin issues too, but the colored ones have been better.

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I live French bulldogs, but they can overheat easily so if u take them on a long walk make sure u have plenty of water for them to drink and to pot on them to cool down. U could freeze a water bottle to bring with u so it would still be cool.

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Hi I am a Frenchie mum and adore the breed, but your right, so many people are now buying frenchies when they haven't a clue as to hot to look after them. I live in Queensland, so it's extremely humid and hot. I keep cooling coats on my babies everyday during the hot months which normally are a good 6-8 months here. I'm lucky as I work from home and spend 90% of my time with them. I think breeders have to be more cautious as to who buys their pups, as frenchies don't suit people who work long hours, they are people dogs and as much as they are independent they do love human company.
My 2 are scallywags and as much as I love all animals, and as much as I know how limiting frenchies can be being Brachycephalic I personally could never own anything else.
Jewel, PCD

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I know someone with two and they always seem to be having issues, I don't know who the breeders were. Food allergies, surgery for this or that, leg issues etc I don't know how she affords them!

They are cute, funny little dogs and she enjoys their company.
Holly - CGC TDI

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Love, love, LOVE Frenchies!

I've been blessed to work with several of them. One from a puppy mill breeder, the other a rescue. Both were absolute sweethearts! They each had their funny little habits, one liked to wear clothes and would bring you something every morning that she wanted to wear, and the rescue couldn't wait to go for her walk so she could roll in the grass.

I don't believe either of them had major health problems. The rescue did have to have her anal glands expelled regularly, but other than that there was never a problem.

Both were quite independent, stubborn, but unfailingly loyal to their owners and just the most friendly dogs you could hope to meet.