Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retreivers?

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Will Work For- Food
Barked: Sun Jun 9, '13 5:08pm PST 
I have met some great Tollers - love to work but not over the top. Most I have met only have eyes for their owners - not a love everyone breed, that's for sure.

Link to breeders in your area:
http://www.canuckdogs.com/index.php?PageKey=818dda5d-8c1a-102 d-b217-87ef18a8051f&Key=ea655535-795c-102c-8ee1-dd6c8247de83&ProvKey =dbbaae83-0b66-11df-b8b7-8ac0277f09ae

I like this breeder near me:
Jewel, PCD

8.6lbs of fury- in a bow!
Barked: Mon Jun 10, '13 9:07am PST 
Another for poodles! My puppy Jem can't get enough of water (unless it's a bath for some reason) she loves her pool, the tap outside and pokes her nose in the shower. She will go to everyone but that's her because Jewel will give other people attention for about 3 seconds and even if they're still petting and talking to her she'll just walk away.

I find that poodles naturally don't wander away unless they're chasing something. I've had Jem in the yard at work and she stuck around where I was without any training. Jewel will wander off further but often checks to see where I am. Doesn't mean I don't train a recall, just means that I find poodles to be very interested in their person and what their person is doing and where their person is going.

The hair is personal perferance, short, long, poofs, dreadlocks anything but matted goes! Jewel is a mixed breed so she has two basic looks - long in the winter and miami in the summer. Right now Jem is short because I see no point in growing out puppy coat to cut it off durring coat change but I hope to try some different cuts on her as her coat will hold it where as Jewel's won't.

Another great thing about poodles is they come in so many sizes and colours! The poodle club of canada resently petitioned the CKC to changed the breed standard to allow mis-marked poodles into comformation. Which means if it's accepted that all the partis, phantoms and such will soon be in the ring!

I've forgotten where I was going with this I'm just rambling on about poodles now. laugh out loud

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