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I dig in mud- puddles!
Barked: Fri May 31, '13 11:57pm PST 
Thank you Duncan! We were told that she is a Shepherd/Heeler mix, but she could very well be a regional mix, aka a "Kootenay Special". wink

eek to Tibetan Mastiffs! I am very jealous!!
Jewel, PCD

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Barked: Mon Jun 3, '13 10:10am PST 
She's brought 3 puppies so far, two have sold. Her son is keeping the female puppy so she'll be there again on Thursday but I guess the breeder herself is bringing an adult, should be interesting!

The puppies are the same age as Jem and rediculously big and fuzzy sweetie pies. Just mellow giant balls of fluff. Black & Tan! cheer

Little Fox
Barked: Mon Jun 10, '13 4:45pm PST 
There's an Anatolian Shepherd named Wyatt that comes to the doggie day camp where I work. He's remarkably sweet and friendly, and very dog social. In fact, here his is playing with some of his buddies.

I always tell people NOT to use him as a typical example of breed temperament, though! laugh out loud

Holly - CGC TDI

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Barked: Mon Jun 10, '13 9:10pm PST 
I've had the opportunity to visit an Anatolian breeder's facility. I was actually touring their raw goat dairy and got a chance to meet their dogs. All of them were friendly and well socialized, but they were friendly in a kind of stand-offish way. They didn't mind the attention, but they still had a close eye on the livestock.

The breeder had a litter of puppies too, all adorable little bundles of love, very, very sweet, but still working pups. You could tell they were trying to help their mother watch over the goats.

All those working dogs were absolutely wonderful, but even the breeder made it very clear that they were working dogs, sold only to working homes.

The only other experience with the breed I had was with an Anatolian/Rottweiler cross. He was a one year old rescue I walked daily. He was sweet as could be 95% of the time. Unfortunately he became increasingly unpredictable around other dogs, and bikes/skaters/children. Eventually, even with a trainer's help, one day his owner was walking him and a neighbor's granddaughter biked by and he bit her very badly in the side. His owners made the choice to put him to sleep.

So, both good and bad sides. I really liked what I saw, but wouldn't get one except as a working dog.
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