LIVE STOCK GUARDIAN BREEDS! Tell me more about them...

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Barked: Wed Apr 17, '13 11:25pm PST 
Wow... these dogs sound really intense. I'll just have to remember when it's time to get one of these guys that guests will have to be escorted around.

Thanks for all the info!!

I think this will be a great way for me to invest in free range/ cage free livestock in the future.

Jewel- you mentioned they had farm dogs too. So you are able to mix farm/ herding dogs with LSG? Hm... I wonder which they had first the LSG or teh herding dog...

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Jewel, PCD

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Barked: Thu Apr 18, '13 8:55am PST 
Lots of people have both BCs and guardian breeds. They don't really pal around though, totally different jobs and totally different relationships with both the sheep and the humans.

The guardian slept with the sheep and lived outside. The BCs had dog houses around the house, were sometimes let into the kitchen and generally weren't allowed around the sheep without humans. My friends always had two BCs so when Meg got old they got a puppy to train, the guardian didn't care it wasn't a sheep and was kept up by the house and only taken down by the sheep (guardian's turf) with humans.

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In my region we have a lot of LGDs, especially Akbash, Maremma, and the odd Anatolian and their crosses. Even a large percentage of the mixed breed litters around here will contain some Akbash or Maremma. Most of the region is rural and we have a lot of large predators.

From my research, the different LGD breeds will differ in terms of how serious they are about taking out intruders. Pyrs are the mellower end (but can still put on a pretty threatening display!), and then you have the Maremma, Akbash, and Anatolians, with Kangals and Ovcharkas are the extreme end.

I've been on a property with a Maremma, but her person was out as well and I didn't have any problems. I'm pretty sure that had I showed up unannounced, then I would not have been able to leave the car.

Some of my coworkers came upon a herd of sheep and their two flock guardians, and those dogs may it very clear that they were not to come anywhere near their sheep...

Also consider how many non-resident dogs may be on your future property. The harder LGDs will kill strange canines if they are on their property.

Here's a website to check out: People and Carnivores

If you decide that an LGD isn't what you want, then look into llamas as they can also act as flock guardians. smile

Jake Earned- his wings- 10.02.15

I am Murphy's- Law Embodied! <3- Me!
Barked: Thu Apr 18, '13 9:06pm PST 
Thanks for the input Jewel!

I'm happy they will get along with my resident dogs pretty well if they come in contact with one another.


Thanks for the info. I wanted to be able to have free ranged cattle and sheep so they'd be wondering about. If i do have dogs that won't be used for driving or herding the livestock then they'd be confinded to fenced areas. If only because i love hounds nad those guys have a tendency to wonder and wonder and wonder right out of sight if left in open land.

But i had been concerned with just the idea of having boder collie or aussie around for herding sheep and a live stock guardien breed dog.

I've steel on a great Pry probably or that Maremma should the time come.

Though i have learned about about LSG breeds from the websites provided.

Thanks again!! big grin
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