Catahoula Personality

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Hey Gang,

I'm thinking of getting a dog again and I was wondering about Catahoulas. My last dog was a Catahoula and he was the sweetest gentleman you could ask for. Never barked, very friendly, but convinced that fireworks and thunderstorms were out to get him. I've been reading up on the breed, but some of what I've seen doesn't jibe with my experience. He was not high-energy or willful. Are Catahoulas, in general, laid back? He was already grown and neutered when I adopted him, so I don't his history. I'm looking for a laidback dog. Size isn't important, but please note that I am looking for neither a horse nor a hamster.


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It sounds like you had a pretty unique catahoula. I have never met a catahoula that could be called laid back, at all. Dogs are individuals and I suppose if you looked hard enough you could find a relatively laid back catahoula, but you'd have much better luck looking into other breeds. The ones I have met have been quite vocal especially in terms of alerting that anybody new was anywhere near the property, not very dog friendly, definitely not cat friendly, and go go go go in terms of energy.

It's also worth remembering that rescues and shelters are frequently wrong about breeds/breed mixes, so take any breed guesses with a grain of salt, especially if the dog is a mixed breed. If you're looking for a calm, medium sized, quiet dog, I'd look at adult dogs in foster homes.

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Thanks for the info! I've been reading up on the different breeds and I'm leaning towards a French Bulldog. They seem to fit my criteria.


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(Fritz's person here)

I haven't loaded his picture, but I rescued a Catahoula last year. He was dumped on the road in front of my house and he was starving. I started feeding him and put out water, but he wouldn't leave the side of the road. I am sure he was waiting for his owner to come back for him. (He looked for his owner for over 3 weeks)

He had on a collar with the remnants of a tag; one could see that it had been removed with pliers. I finally put a leash on him and brought him inside the fence after he was almost hit and no one had contacted me about him. At the vet's office, after 3 weeks of being fed by me, he was still 40 pounds under weight and heart worm positive. (Our vet thinks he was someone's hog dog and got dumped when he got sick with heartworms.)

He is one of the smartest dogs I have ever met. He only had to be told once in each room that peeing inside was not okay (I don't believe he had ever been in a house) after he had tried and been redirected he never peed in that room again.

He isn’t laid back in every situations but I wouldn’t hesitate to call him a laidback guy who knows how to stand up for himself. He will fall over on his side if Cocoa jumps at his shoulder so Cocoa can climb up on his side and pretend to hold him down. (Cocoa weighs 8 pounds)

Once Chewy was feeling better, he went after Fritz. (Fritz and I were playing/roughhousing and I think he thought Fritz was threatening me) He is not afraid to stand up for himself and I have to keep Chewy, Pip, and Fritz separated because he holds a grudge and they do too, but with Cocoa, Auda, and Tipper he is a complete gentleman. He is also a complete gentleman with me.

He is an odd combination of strong but a gentleman with people.He has never growled at me and will not even approach his food until invited as if he thinks it is mine. (Not even when he was starving but I would not want to be the person who threatened me with Chewy around, I am sure he would take them down without hesitation) He has a lot of energy, now that he no longer has heart worms and can be a handful but only because he is a big strong boy.

.He doesn’t really bark, mostly he will make an odd whining sound but he can bark when he wants to. He is one of the smartest, nicest dogs I have ever known.