Can someone tell me about Miniature Schnauzers?

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Barked: Tue Mar 19, '13 7:15pm PST 
I'm doing some research on mini schnauzers for later when I get out of college (in about 5-6years). Because in 5-6+ years both of my rotty mix puppies will be grown up , well trained, socialized, and best of all older!

When I was little I wanted nothing but 2 rotties and a mini schnauzer. I've always wanted to buy a purebred puppy, or adult (that's fine with others and cats) from a reputable breeder. Both of my dogs are rescued (Bobby or for the animal shelter (Teddy). I've never bought a dog outside of the shelter, but I really want to buy a pup or adult from a reputably breeder.

I'd love any info about mini schnauzer breed, up keep, grooming (especially that), and training. I love thinking and planning ahead. And schnauzers (I think the mins are best, lol) are one of my favorite terrier breeds. For some reason they make me happy! snoopy
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Barked: Tue Mar 19, '13 9:27pm PST 
Loads of energy, ballzie, guard dogs with a small package.

I've known quiet a few and find them to be rather interesting. I was debating getting one once upon a time as a companion for Jake. But i refused to pay for the grooming. To have one that looks "Right" you have to have grooming done monthly. It may even be more so possibly. They come in nice colors. They have lots of that terrier (terror) energy I just can't cope with and i'm not sure if it's true but they may be active indoors. (That's why i love my beagle and basset low to no activity indoors).

They do best in pairs i've seen too. But that could also be cause everyone i've known came in pairs too. laugh out loud

As for the whole needing to be from a breeder thing. Not necessarily. There's plenty of Schauzer resuces i'm sure and at least around here. I've seen a few in the pound and some at all breed rescues.

Good luck !

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Barked: Wed Mar 20, '13 1:15am PST 
The miniature schnauzer is a robust, sturdily built terrier of nearly square proportion. It was developed as a ratter and is quick and tough. Its gait displays good reach and drive. Its

Mini Schnauzers are very clever in getting what they want and they can actually fool you with their puppy dog eyes. (Well, some dogs do that too.) Anyway, just try to be consistent with these dogs as they can be very stubborn.

On top of that, Mini Schnauzers are playful, alert, spunky, companionable and inquisitive. Try to walk your mini schnauzer at least 3 times a day, they are very energetic little things.

Get your Mini Schnauzer used to a lead almost immediatly, you will be thankful you did in the long term. Walk around the house a few times will help him adjust to a collar and lead.

You should also know that this breed barks a lot.

For the grooming part, take as much time as you can to brush a Mini Schnauzer, and if you have any spare time on your hands then brush some more. Their coat is double, with a close undercoat, and hard, wiry, outer coat which is longer on the legs, muzzle and eyebrows.

You may want to put them in the bath from a pup, and use a cool hairdryer to dry.If you must take your Mini Schnauzer to a dog grooming parlor, then do this almost instantly or as soon as you can.

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Barked: Wed Mar 20, '13 11:26am PST 
I have the Giants, but I do my own grooming and it really is not a big deal. I am not artistic....can't cut a straight line to save my life! laugh out loud So TRULY, if I can do it, anyone can! There are some great tutorial and videos out there, and it's actually a good way to bond and communicate with your dog as well. I personally went for it on the advice of mentors, as lots of people are scared of Giants and I didn't want mine mishandled, but much to my surprise I actually loved doing it. It offers quite a sense of accomplishment! You do this every four to six weeks. Or longer if you don't mind your dog looking like a woolly something. I once brought Tiller out to pee and had kids scream, "oh my gosh, it's a BEAR!" laugh out loud

The beard is a pain in the butt. Even if you are spared a lot of shedding, the mess factor is there and you just have to accept it. A drink of water inevitably leads to water being tracked from a dripping beard, and if you don't clean it daily anything greasy or soft can get caught in it. Yucko. wink

There's a really big difference between a well-bred Mini and one not. A lot of dog freaks have no idea how fantastic they are, as they have only been around poorly bred dogs. Be discerning when you get your Mini....trust me, it pays huge dividends. A well-bred Mini is a very happy chappy, on the merry side, whereas lesser breds can be sharp. A well-bred Mini has a cool, bold love of life and is pretty fearless, whereas lesser breds can show a shyness. Well-bred, Minis are one of the ultimate players with other dogs and get on well with dogs far larger than themselves. They also are highly trainable....the most so of the Schnauzers and rank way up there breed wise. They have the Schnauzer intelligence, but not the contrariness and high jinx that can occur with the Standard and Giant. FANTASTIC at precision. They also are the most outgoing. On my top ten list as one of the most perfect breeds out there....social, resilient, confident, trainable, easy to manage. They are easy to motivate and adore balls and tug. Very playful and charming.

Minis are known as pepper and salt, but there are other colors out there. Some get to see the blacks, which is striking looking. My favorite are the black and silvers....I love the contrast! Not approved for show in THIS country are the whites. They are good to go in Europe, though, and some breeders (including Tiller's) are trying to advance their cause here, importing some very nice European stock. In my experience, though, they tend to be a little softer.

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Barked: Wed Mar 20, '13 1:21pm PST 
I grew up with an oversized mini schnauzer and I have to say I have the fondest memories of him. He was very good natured with people and other dogs. When we got a Chihuahua later on, he was a good mentor to him and let the Chi cozy up to him for naps. He was extremely easy to train but could also be a terror if left to his own devices. He learned to dig under the fence so he could escape and go running with the other neighborhood dogs. He also loved car rides and would hop in the car with anyone who opened their car door whether they wanted him in there or not. He was very active outdoors and especially loved chasing tennis balls, but he could also settle indoors. He stayed in bed with my mom a lot when she was sick and when my grandfather passed away and I was inconsolable, he slept with me that night and let me hug him and cry on him all night.

We did not give him a proper schnauzer cut. We took him in every few months for a closer pet cut and his fur could get pretty unruly in between groomings. And like Tiller mentioned, the beard is something you just have to get used to. There is nothing like sitting on the couch and having a wet beard thrust into your hand or lap for attention. But then you look down into those big sweet eyes and your heart melts.

So there you have my completely biased opinion on why mini schnauzers are awesome! cloud 9
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Barked: Fri Mar 22, '13 11:15am PST 
I have seen some insane colours coming out of the Mini BYB breeders. Chocolate merle blew my mind.
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Barked: Fri Mar 22, '13 12:03pm PST 
They have been messing around with that for a while now frown Minis should only be black, pepper and salt, black and silver or white. Any breeder who is selling puppies outside those colors is a lout. Due to the outcross factor, whites and black-and-silvers surfaced in the development off the Standard Schnauzer, which only comes in black and pepper-and-salt. No decent breeder would try for any colors outside of this range. When being created, what they were trying to do was come up with a scaled down version of the Standard for house living (which is why Minis have the more amenable temperament, also....they were bred to be working dogs and house dogs at the same time), but tried to maintain the traditional colors, as the Standard was such a revered breed. Black and silvers at the time were erroneously considered simply darker colored pepper and salts (they aren't), and the whites were considered a disaster and were culled. But of course white was part of their development history, and more slowly became embraced (in Europe). Any colors outside this range not only suggest a BYB, but likely not a purebred, either.

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They require regular grooming and they love to bark. If you want that pointy-eared look, it's a serious and painful procedure with lots of aftercare involved. It's your choice, but just know that it isn't exactly effortless.

They're very smart and have a happy attitude. Some can be aggressive to other dogs.

When I was growing up, a close friend of our family had five minis. That's when I was a kid. I'm sure they kept getting more through the years. I LOVED spending time with those dogs but looking back, I'm glad I didn't have to live with them (bark bark bark bark). My mom claims that all schnuazers have a certain smell (in a negative way) but I personally never noticed anything. And I do remember hearing somewhere that they are prone to skin problems.

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Barked: Sat Apr 13, '13 9:35am PST 
Many of my neighbors have Mini Schnauzers. All the ones I've met have been friendly, cute and sociable. They seem to be very alert. Lupi has one friend in particular who will always bark at us when we pass her home. But if brought outside, she is thrilled to see us. She also digs her heels in when she passes our house. She seems to have an excellent recall of the one time I gave her a treat in our kitchen. That was 3 years ago! Lupi's friend gets more walks than any other dog I know (she is constantly being walked) and never seems to tire. So high-energy also seems an appropriate description.

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Barked: Sat Apr 13, '13 10:06am PST 
There is one on my flyer route. He is awesomely friendly. Due to his owners health issues, he is overweight and very barky. He is mouthy with me, but seems to have as soft mouth and doesn't bite. I suspect if he had some training and excercise he would be a wonderful dog. He does seem to be a great house dog for his handicapped ownersmile
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