Mellow but happy breed suggestions?

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Mr. Blue

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Barked: Mon Feb 25, '13 12:10pm PST 
Our next dog we'd like to go with a 3-5 year old because we want it to be out of the puppy stage.

We have a quiet, mellow house with 2 adults and 2 cats. We do have a yard for a dog to run and play in, but it must be OK being an only dog. We take the dogs out for 2 1/2 hour walks a day and play with it inside or out.

Preferrably cuddly, even velcro, loves everyone kind of dog. Happy go lucky. Not barky/yappy.

All my dogs have been labs until Mr Blue. He was perfect because I got him when he was 5 and he was very nanny like to my cats, never chased them. However he was a little too alpha for my taste and I could never take him anywhere where dogs would be.

I love labs but would ideally like to stay under 50 lbs. Sometimes I think I should just hold out for a small lab smile
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Barked: Mon Feb 25, '13 2:46pm PST 
barking i think is realitive to the dog. Since I have a cuddly velcro stick to your side always and escorts to the bathroom beagle that does not bark unless someone is walking around outside my car walk or loitering by our yard.

I have met many of dog of different breeds that are incessant barkers. I think that's realitive as is the "alpha" tendency. Since my little beagle seems to think he's top dog even to dogs 3x his size. I've had issues before with family bring their pits over and not telling me first and having to break up fights. Thankfully now Jake knows all of my cousins dogs and gets along with them. But man is he protective of his turf.

So i'm gonna say get a nice mutt from your local pound or rescue since a lot of breeds can be mellow and happy.