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I am thinking about getting an
American bull dog
. However I am not entirely sure it’s the right breed for my current situation. And the information I have received about the breed has been mixed at best.
I live in a small house about 64 m2 in a simplex. I do have a very small garden that is separated by a 1200 mm high fence to my neighbours. I leave early to work and only get home around 6 in the evening, Otherwise there is no-one home between when I leave to work and when I get home.
I am very active person on weekends and do not mind taking the dog for walks every evening after work. I like the
American bull dog
because it’s a good guard dog, and its strong and muscular appearances. Also it has a loyal nature.
Any advice would be appreciated.
Kind regards
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In my opinion that is a long time to leave a dog alone, even an adult dog. Could some dogs do OK? Sure, but it would be the exception, and still not the ideal situation. Dogs are pack animals and need mental and physical stimulation or they tend to act out in destructive ways. Personally I would not consider getting a dog in that situation unless I could a) come home at lunch and be able to take off work in case of an emergency (some employers are not very flexible when it comes to caring for pets); b) have a friend, neighbor or pet walker come during the day; and/or c) bring the dog to a play group or to my job during the day. If there is an American Bulldog breed rescue group in your area they are a great resource for info about the breed, and they will be really honest with you as to whether your situation would be doable or not.
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American Bulldogs typically have a very high exercise need, so you probably want to think of a different breed for your situation. Dobermans are not muscular but give a good guard dog appearance and of the typical guard breeds are easiest to keep in smaller spaces and have lower exercise demands. Hope that helps. Under exercised ABs can become very problematic.


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Ever considered a small Mastiff? Clyde is fine dealing with long hours alone as long as he gets a bit of exercise a few times a week and lots of attention when we're home.
Mastiffs are great watchdogs, their appearance is deterrent enough, they're pretty muscular, and they are loyal. Clyde can be a bit stubborn at times, since he tends to have a "I love you owner, but unless you offer a better deal, NO WAY!" kind of mentality, he tends not to be the most biddable of dogs. I guess it's what you get when you have an independent-natured breed.

Just make sure you get a small one, such as 120-150lbs in size. The 200-pounders seem to be ticking time bombs in vet bills in my area.