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Tiller- (Skansen's- Ira in the M

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Barked: Sun Mar 2, '14 11:57am PST 
That's not correct. This is not some response to a tv show. Amish mills have been long known to the dog world. If you'd like to do a search here, you will find some stemming back many years regarding the Amish and dog breeding. If you would like to collect names of some of the breeders affiliated with Keystone Pups and Google them, they have records, arrests and convictions from humane violations. And yet are supported by Keystone.

I don't think it is accurate to say you made educated choice as your puppy is not health tested and you thereby do not know the genetic background of your puppy. Whether or not it is a carefree life, time will tell, but Labs are prone to many problems.

To truly know who you are dealing with, you need to ascertain how many litters are they producing (so that you can know if they have stashed dogs in a mill type situation), and further what they do with their retired dogs. It is not uncommon that those get a bullet to the head. Dogs are cash cropped in that culture. Yes, they are a hard working culture. They also cash crop dogs, which is not acceptable.

You might also ask where they source their dogs. Many times it is an Amish Breeding Dog Auction, as shown in that linked video.

The national breed club, the wardens for this breed and those who know it best, would not recommend you purchase a puppy in this way. You should go to a breeder who belongs to the national breed club (where they are kept up to speed regarding ongoing issues in the breed and can contribute important information about the dogs they are using and breeding results), proves their stock, health tests diligently, is there for their clients as a breed authority, and is in it for the right reasons. Love for the breed versus cash cropping dogs.
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