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Barked: Mon Jan 14, '13 3:36pm PST 
It's hard to tell if it's a dog scratch or a cat scratch... it doesn't look like it's too terrible, though, so it might have just been something that happened in the course of playing rather than because of a scuffle.

As far as the mimicking the cats thing goes - I have friends whose dog does that. They got her when she was just a little thing and the cats would swat at her and bat her around. Now that she's full grown (60+ pounds) she thinks that's how you play with a cat!

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Barked: Mon Jan 14, '13 4:54pm PST 
"I myself have been training for over thirty years....I don't call myself a trainer (I set my bar pretty high for that definition and what goes nowadays with getting to call oneself a trainer is to me oft preposterous)."

Just wanted to pop in and say how much I respect this statement! I think many of us here on Dogster respect your ideas and input very much, Tiller. So for you to say that is very noteworthy.

Stella, I'm glad you've gotten so much help here in this thread! This is a great community. When Gunther was younger he had his share of dreadful phases! Things will improve so much from this point out. You're obviously very dedicated to her, and eventually you two will have an amazing relationship. big grin
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Barked: Mon Jan 14, '13 7:05pm PST 
I agree with Indiana, sometimes injuries of varying degrees can happen as a result of playing with other dogs - not always from a scuffle or a fight. I recall when one of our Saints at the daycare was running and didn't look where she was going and ran RIGHT into the wall, slamming her side into the wall hard, and leaving a huge DENT in the daycare wall. The dog ended up with a baseball sized fliud-filled bump on her leg from the impact. She was okay of course, but it's just an example of things that can happen accidentally from the dogs themselves, not always just from getting bullied.

Good daycare attendants WILL NOT tolerate bullying. If a dog scolds another for something, that's one thing and almost never involves physical contact. But if it comes down to bullying, or fighting, daycare attendants should be stepping in and separating the dogs to keep the peace.

We had a dog who began bullying the other dogs and immediately removed her from the daycare room. When her owners picked her up that day, we informed them of why she was no longer welcome in doggy daycare(I'm not talking playful taunting - I'm talking MEAN bullying).

I wouldn't be too hugely concerned about it. I might mention it to the daycare attendants and ask them to keep an eye out for scuffles or bullying, but ultimately, much like a kid in daycare playing with other kids, dogs going to daycare may come home a little bruised or banged up once in a while too. Dogs can sure play rough when they want to!

It doesn't look like a bite though, so unless it was an accidental scrape of the paw of another dog, it was likely she finally got a good swat from one of the cats.

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