How accurate is the dogster "dog breed" descriptions?

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How accurate are the descriptions here? http://www.dogster.com/dog-breeds/

One of my friends was reading over the Scottish Terrier page dogster has over there, since there aren't many threads dedicated to Scotties around here yet! They seem to be a pretty uncommon breed to begin with.

Overall, what do you think the dog breed pages section is lacking? Too general?

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I'm not sure how accurate they are, but they are sooo general, just bare basics about each breed that it's a boring read. When I researched different breeds I didn't even bother checking out what dogster had to say about them because I knew I wouldn't get much information. I think they could do a better job of detailing them, making them interesting, better/more pictures, etc... shrug

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Love the looks and the breed. Make sure she is going to be a housedog tho.


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Well, it's a good place to start and get an idea of what the breed is about, but there are certainly better sources out there such as the national breed club website.

My Great Aunt had a Scottie that she got from a family rehoming her. Sadly, I never got to meet her, but from what I have heard she has bouncing off the walls energy, very smart, and was very attached to my Aunt. So, your typical terrier pretty much.

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It's all very "rose-colored glasses". They neglect some pretty obvious issues with my breeds and the one on Scotties is goofy too. Tell your friend to talk to breeders and owners rather than rely on generic articles.

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Not accurate at all, and the national breed club of my breed has tried to send corrections to OBVIOUSLY wrong information on the breed page to no avail. They obviously know the breed so much better than the breed club, after all.