Have a mixed breed and know its parents?

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Barked: Sun Oct 21, '12 7:00am PST 
I LOVE seeing mixed breed dogs with known parents (not that I support designer breeding). But I think its really interesting how two dog breeds can look completely different from either parent. I know a Pit Bull/Poodle that looks exactly like a larger wirehaired dachshund. Funny how if anyone were to guess his breed they would surely say terrier mix.

Please post a photo if you have a dog and are positive what either its parents are. You can add your dogs if you've done DNA testing, but please indicate that since we all know it's not completely accurate.
Jax (earned- her wings- 5/30/12)

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Barked: Sun Oct 21, '12 7:56am PST 
Jaxey was German Shepherd and Golden Retriever. I knew both her parents and kept in touch with several people who had some of her siblings. They all looked like German Shepherd mixes. She was a great dog.

Whippy- The- Whipador
Barked: Sun Oct 21, '12 8:08am PST 
Ty's mum was a Lab x Saluki ( although looked pretty much like a purebred Yellow Lab ) his dad was a purebred show Whippet. So, although i call Ty a Whippet x Lab, he's a Lurcher really.

I do know Ty's brother though. Or did do as i haven't seen him in a while.


Brothers eating snow together.

The pics are a couple of years old now but you can see how similar they turned out! Very, very similar temperaments too.

ETA - Missy is a JRT x Yorkie. Both parents were working dogs on the small farm they lived on.


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Josie- *Forever in- Our Hearts*

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Barked: Sun Oct 21, '12 2:37pm PST 
Josie's mom was a purebred border collie and her dad was the greyhound/jack russel cross.

I keep in touch with the people who owned the mother, they kept one of the males from the litter. I also have seen a couple other litter mates in the past (it was a large litter...14 puppies!). I haven't seen any of them in awhile, from what i understand Josie is the only one still living but when I last saw some of them (we would have play dates in backyards) they all looked totally different. There were 2 that were short (like a jack russel), 3 had long coats, some had coats like Josie (not long but not short), and 1 had a really short coat (like a greyhound). They were a very interesting crew to see together and if i did not know that they were related I would have never guessed it! I am going to try and find the pics of them playing but it was about 6 yrs ago that we last got together so I might not bee able to locate the pictures.
Thor CGC

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Barked: Sun Oct 21, '12 4:10pm PST 
Thor is Border Collie/Golden Retriever. I would love to be in contact with his littermates. He definitely looks like the two breeds though!

Miss Black- Magic's 'Ria'
Barked: Sun Oct 21, '12 4:49pm PST 
Ria is a Lab/Border Collie.

Her mom was Pure Lab(and super tiny too!):
Ria and her Mama, Maya

For recent pics of Ria, you can go on her profile page. Her dad was Border Collie mix - I think he was crossed with Rottweiler, as he had the appearance and markings, with the Border fur, ears and temperament. It was a litter of eleven puppies! Accidental litter, no selling, they just wanted to find them good homes.

You can see the Border Collie and the Lab in Ria quite easily now that she's older. She's dainty and lean like the Border, with tiny paws, a narrower face, the ears, and she has the 'stare' of the herder. She has the love of food and water from the Lab, and her body and tail are all Lab. She's just all around a sweetheart. Her Mama was EXTREMELY ball driven - which Ria is as well, and her Sire was very very laid-back and sweet.

We ended up with a realllyyyy smart puppy, who LIVES for her ball/frisbee, will run herself into the ground if you let her, has great herding instincts(I'm thinking about taking some classes with her later just for the fun of it), with energy like you couldn't believe, and a great off switch. She's overall got a fantastic temperament and we're glad we went with the puppy we did. They had a chocolate with blue eyes there, three yellow Lab looking pups, and the rest were variations of black with either white markings or brown markings. The boys had the brown markings, the girls had the white markings.
Sarah, CWSR,- CWG1, CGC

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Barked: Sun Oct 21, '12 5:00pm PST 
A few years ago in the rescue we had a litter of pups that were a cross between a purebred English Bulldog and a purebred Rough Collie. My friends adopted one of the puppies. He has the BIG bulldog head, the underbite, short hair, and the coloring of a bulldog (tan and white), but is very tall (like a collie) and the face is not anywhere near as brachycephalic Very interesting looking dog!
Bianca CGC- TT HIC Thd- ♥

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Barked: Mon Oct 22, '12 2:40pm PST 
My family's dog when I was a kid, Tansy, was half 'Cockapoo', my parents got her as a puppy (the year before I was born) from a friend of the family who owned the mother and they knew for sure what the mother was.
It was an accidental litter so the father was not known for sure, probably some dog from the peoples' neighborhood, our best guess was a terrier mix. Tansy weighed about 15 pounds. She had a coat type like a Poodle as far as being "hair" and lack of shedding, but her fur was more wavy/mixed rather than curly and the texture was different than either a Poodle or Cocker Spaniel, and required a lot of grooming. In the summer my parents had her shaved, in the winter they let her coat grow longer so she looked a lot different depending on the season. I remember every spring our next door neighbors (the same people each year) would ask us if we got a new dog!
I also once had someone stop me when I was walking her and ask if she was a miniature Old English Sheepdog.
Tansy lived to almost 17, she passed away just 2 months before her 17th birthday which was a few months from my 16th since she was a year older than me.

Here's a photo in the winter

In the summer
(Her fur color was lighter than normal in this photo because it was taken when she was a senior and had thyroid problems.)

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Natasha - 美花- ~Beautiful- Flower~

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Barked: Tue Oct 23, '12 4:38am PST 
There was a dog I was going to adopt from Animals Taiwan, but it didn't work out unfortunately. She was rescued along with her purebred Rottie mom, who was adopted out. I have no idea what the dad was, but I have my guesses. Daisy is still at the rescue awaiting adoption(*hint,*hint!)


Daisy and momma
Samoa SunnyBear Bell

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Barked: Tue Oct 23, '12 6:35am PST 
oooh. that's a cute pup. Samoa here was a Humane Society adoption. I didn't know the parents, but they got surrendered at the same time, so I got a look at them. They looked very much like him. The father was a little more heavy boned, and the mom was slightly built but tall like Samoa. She had softer, wavy hair.

All three of them were primarily black with some red brindling on the legs, but two other puppies were as yellow as our Savvy.
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