Shiloh Shepherds

If you are wondering what is the right dog for you, this is the place to be. In this introductory forum we talk about topics such as breed vs. mix, size, age, grooming, breeders, shelters, rescues as well as requirements for exercise, space and care. No question is too silly here. This particular forum is for getting and giving helpful, nice advice. It is definitely not a forum for criticizing someone else's opinion, knowledge or advice. This forum is all about tail wagging and learning.

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Barked: Wed Oct 10, '12 8:37pm PST 
I haven't visited the site in a several years since I stopped looking at breeders but I just took a quick look-- if you look at their planned litters page, a lot of them are listed as "co owned" and most of the breeding females listed are co owned females.

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Barked: Wed Oct 10, '12 8:47pm PST 
similarly someone with 1-2 litters in 5 years might not know the pedigrees, the lines, and what their dog is and isn't good at producing for sheer lack of measurable results...
Jackson Tan

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Barked: Wed Oct 10, '12 9:06pm PST 
By 'shepalutes' are we refering to American Alsatians now? Are they a 'type' of Shiloh too?

I frankly have met some very nice kings, shilohs, whatevers, but they seemed to all have the personalities of lambs and the drive of a wet dishrag.

That might just be a good thing for SD work, I don't know.


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Barked: Wed Oct 10, '12 10:53pm PST 
First things first there's someone on Dogster who has Shiloh's as her service dog, She'd be who I'd start with if that was the breed you were looking at. They are one of those breeds that has more than one registering body and one could write a book on the drama that ensues. All of the one's I've met personally have been weak nerved and/or way over the top in energy.

I've looked at Royalaire and if you're looking for a large easy going shepherd type dog they aren't a bad option. The dogs would likely make good service prospects if you got the right pup. They've been breeding for a long time with enough litters that they have a real grip on what type of pups are being produced.

Niki as a side note... yes good breeders can/do breed more than one or two litters a year. Most have a co-ownership program that keep their females in homes. A breeder working this way has a far better chance of knowing what kind of dogs their bloodline will produce. Someone who only handles one or two litters a year or less doesn't have a clue most of the time what the breeding will turn out like and it's not a good way to keep a line alive. They aren't someone I'd go to for a service dog prospect. You have your opinion I have mine.

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Barked: Thu Oct 11, '12 6:08am PST 
I would like to echo some of what the other posters have said- Shiloh's are supposed to be less drivey then a 'typical' german shepherd. They are also said to have a really high instance of hip dysplasia and degenerative myelopathy (i don't know about this, just what i've heard. i'm not and never have been into them).

They seem like they have an *awful* lot of hair, so grooming might be a factor. I know how much my corgis shed and I just don't know how people do it LOL

As for the poster who made the derogatory comments about royal air kennel, first off, you can't make comments like that with out knowing a kennel, which its obvious that you don't. there are lots of kennels that seem to mass produce dogs, but they produce very very good dogs. as for, "there are so many dogs out there why breed more," that's kind of an animal right-ish point of view which thankfully not everyone shares.

I find it amusing that people who have the most limited understanding of breeding seem to have the most to say about it.

I will say that if you have a 'type' cemented in your head that you *can* predict alot about your litters even if you don't breed a whole lot. I think that saying you can't know from litter to litter what you're getting if you don't breed alot undermines many smaller breeders who actually do have a good handle on what they're producing.

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Barked: Thu Oct 11, '12 7:00am PST 
It's interesting how geography seems to play a part in breed descriptions. Breed temperaments do seem to change, often dramatically, from region to region. The example that pops immediately to mind is the Giant Schnauzer; as I've mentioned before, overall, our local Giants are absolutely nothing like those often described on this forum.

Similarly, our boy (who came from 500 miles away) is totally unlike ANY other BRT I've met in this area - and with 15 (!?!) breeders within a short drive of our home, there is no shortage of "Blackies" with which to compare...

Back at the Shiloh, we happen to have a fair number of breeders in our area. And although we certainly have our fair share of unstable dogs (which can be said of most any breed), we do see a fair number of very "nice" Shiloh's. Were I in the market for a non-working Shepherd, solely for a family pet, I wouldn't hesitate to look into the breed.

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Barked: Thu Oct 11, '12 7:35am PST 
Its interesting that the finger be pointed at GSD people for being accepting of multiple litters a years, when the vast majority of powerful GSD kennels ARE larger operations that produce quite a few puppies.

Again, its not the number of dogs produced that sets the standard of "quality" for me. There are benefits to both smaller operations and larger kennels.

Ridley is from a larger kennel- not sure exactly how many litters whelped out of her facility, but I'm sure its more than Royalair.

She's also one of the few working breeders who is actively testing her stock for DM, is meticulous about her hip and elbow records and puts great stock into the health of her breeding animals in general.

She has also made herself available to me for any and all concerns I've had, has always offered advise and support, and is happy to share information pertaining to her dogs whenever I should need it. Even though I've had some difficulties with my pup, she has always been supportive and willing to help- and for that alone I can happily recommend her 10x over.

Barked: Thu Oct 11, '12 8:02am PST 
No need to defend my opinion ... the website speaks for itself. Anyone who knows two cents about responsible breeding can figure out whether they are doing a favor or disservice to the breed.

I hope anyone who stumbled across this discussion while researching GSDs or Shilohs knows to research these dogs in more places that Dogster. This community is not representative of all dog people .... neither are my individual views or the views of those who have posted. Read more articles and books, speak to owners of purchased and adopted dogs, attend events, ask vets and trainers .... and you'll get a much more informed decision of where to get your dog.

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Barked: Thu Oct 11, '12 8:28am PST 
And what do you know about responsible breeding, exactly? Have you ever had a litter? Are you active in your breed club?

Do you have a good working knowledge of German Shepherd genetics? If so, I'd like to know where you got this knowledge, if you've never had a litter.

It's incredibly insulting to tell people who are actively involved with the german shepherd breed that they don't know what they're talking about. I'm just curious why you think you know so much more then they do, and you don't even HAVE a german shepherd.

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Spooky Mulder
Barked: Thu Oct 11, '12 8:47am PST 
I'm not touting Royalair as the pinnacle of dog breeding- I don't think they are. Personally, I'm more bothered by the fact that they feed their dogs crap and dispense disturbingly outdated and potentially harmful training and rearing advise. I would certainly never purchase a dog from them.

But those are my standards. Just because I don't like what they do in those respects, also does not mean I think they are necessarily bad. If that's the sort of dog you are looking for, then as a BREEDING operation, they produce that dog and produce it well.

Personally, I wont give money to a breeder who feeds their dogs crap food. I want my puppy started right, not one raised on Pedigree or Purina, so I wont support the breeders who do such. I also wont support a breeder who disagrees with or advises against feeding raw, at least to the point of making note of it in their contract (which I actually have seen). Again, my preference, and I don't care how good your operation is otherwise, I wont purchase a dog from you.

Again, to each their own.
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