80 lb staffordshire terrier?

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I have met two different people with two different dogs and both said they had staffies. But, the dogs were HUGE! One was over 80 lbs and one looked like a great dane mix.

So, my question is do people with pit bull and pit bull mixes say they have staffordshire mixes to avoid admitting they have a pit mix? Is the new PC term for Pit bull?

I was to understand that APBTs were medium sized dogs, and that staffies were smaller then APBTs- was I wrong?

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No, you weren't wrong. APBTs and Staffies should be medium sized dogs when bred properly - though their weight range IS broad compared to other breeds... But there are a lot of weird mixes being sold as both of those breeds.

And since Staffies fall into the 'pit bull' category, using that name (correctly or not) isn't going to make much of a difference.

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The English staffordshire is the smaller one. Usually around 35-40 lbs. The American staffordshire is larger. Charley's mom an American and she was a good 90 lbs if not more.

The pit bull comes in 5 breeds
American staffordshire
English staffordshire
American Pit Bull
Bull Terrior
can't remember the 5th. Mastiff keeps poppping in my head.

Any of the above bred together will be consider a pitbull. A pit bull mix is a pit bred with a totaly different breed, ex. rottie,lab,boxer or whatever.

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The "English" Staffordshire is called a Staffordshire Bull Terrier in the US. They are ADBA APBT sized weight wise, just shorter. UKC and AKC Staffies are generally much larger than ADBA ones; I've seen 80 pound (and larger) UKC/AKC dogs that meet conformation standards. I've also seen 70 pound throw-backs on ADBA lines (where a 55 # male is considered huge) that meet conformation standards.

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As far as I know...there are no bullies save for the odd and incredibly obese that top out much over 60lbs. When you see a news report about a 100lb "pit bull" somebody is using journalism shorthand for huge scaryass dawg.
Staffordshires are actually pretty compact. American Staffordshires are slightly bigger, longer legged.
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Charleys mom was an American Staffordshire and his dad was an American red nose. Charley, at his best when he was in good shape was 89 lbs. Not fat, just very muscular. His dad was 100+ lbs.