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Savannah Blue Belle

A Heart of Gold!
Barked: Fri Aug 31, '12 7:24am PST 
Some of you are probably used to my veering from one dog breed of interest to another...I have four and can only speculate on a future dog, since I have reached my limit for now.

Right now I am thinking about Corgis. I have a little mixed breed - probably Pembroke - which I love dearly. And last night I was browsing through a book about Dog Breeds and it mentioned unsociability being a characteristic. Is it?

Little Dubs has many very good qualities...She is adorable, sweet and biddable and very, very loving. But she does not seem to like any dogs other than those in her pack and it took a LOT of work to get her to accept Cookie when we adopted her. But I don't really know if that is her Corgi-ness or something else...since she is a mix.

Also...how does your Corgi get along with other dogs?

Tall,Dark, and,- Handsome
Barked: Fri Aug 31, '12 12:24pm PST 
I don't know much about corgis or have that much experience with them. The few I've seen at the dog park tend to be loners and don't really interact with the other dogs and kinda avoid them it seems and when they were approached they wouldn't acknowledge the dog and kept on moving or they'd get really rigid and freeze, give a quick sniff and get out of there. I've met other corgis that wanted nothing to do with my dogs at all, but those are just my few experiences.

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Savannah Blue Belle

A Heart of Gold!
Barked: Fri Aug 31, '12 12:41pm PST 
My little mix seems to prefer big dogs, but she was brought up with big dogs. I don't think she is too fond of dogs on her level.

She plays happily with the Dobie across the street, but doesn't like the two mixes that live on the corner.

As a personality trait, I can live with it. But part of this "someday" scenario had me with two of the little bunnies and I wouldn't want them to be scrapping all the time. So I guess the question is, does anybody have more than ONE Corgi?


Woo-woo- whineybutt
Barked: Fri Aug 31, '12 12:56pm PST 
Nare has 2 Corgi friends at the dog park, he met them when they were puppies though so they're either with him or they're off being loners. They play well, Nare and the Corgis, but I've never seen them play with any other dog. I think if you raised the pup with your pack dogs and maybe a few close friends dogs, they'll have a bond and play.. But they don't seem to 'fit' in at the dog park.

I just know they're cuuuuuuutttteee. cloud 9 I would love a Corgi haha.
Savannah Blue Belle

A Heart of Gold!
Barked: Fri Aug 31, '12 1:06pm PST 
Two little short legged pals! Double the cuteness!
Bruno CGC

Honorary Kelpie
Barked: Fri Aug 31, '12 3:48pm PST 
One of my agility friends has three Pembrokes and one Swedish Vallhund (Corgi cousin) and I've also known others. I wouldn't call them "unsocial" by a mile. Assertive sometimes, and they like to play rough, but it's all good-natured at heart.

I think dog-aggression is more common in Cardigans, but I haven't personally known any well enough to make a judgement on that.
Savannah Blue Belle

A Heart of Gold!
Barked: Sat Sep 1, '12 6:20am PST 
Well, I was wondering...the same breed book I saw that in gave the usual "labs are great family dogs" statement.

I mean, I feel that IS true, but there are a lot of "buts" that a potential owner should be aware of.

Like "Labs are great family dogs, but they do have a tendency to eat large items of furniture."
laugh out loud

Barked: Sat Sep 1, '12 2:38pm PST 
The ones I know can generally be called 'Selective' but I have met several who were nasty little creatures as well as some very social very pleasant ones.

I wouldn't consider them happy-go-lucky by any stretch which can be surprising to anyone who isn't used to the "herder reserve" which is the nice phrase for being picky snits. laugh out loud

Corgis are fun to train but they can have some serious push-back attitude and frequently want to know what's in it for them.

They're regularly also smarter than their owners.

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Little Fox
Barked: Sat Sep 1, '12 4:40pm PST 
There have been a good number of Corgis at work--mostly Pembroke, but we've had a few Cardigans too--and yeah, they generally tend to be kind of selective with other dogs. There were actually two that were kicked out for being aggressive. In fact, one of them was THE nastiest dog I have ever met in my life. I still have the scar on my finger...

They seem to be pretty assertive, and some of them had "personal space bubbles" that they didn't like other dogs infringing on. And they were VERY vocal.

So basically (aside from the two aggressive ones), for the most part they've pretty much been sassy little characters that are fun to watch. laugh out loud
Kashmir- ♥ CGC

Boxer Beach Bum
Barked: Sat Sep 1, '12 5:38pm PST 
I really want my next dog to be a Cardigan, i love them and think they are great little dogs.
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