Differences between French Bulldogs and Boston terriers?

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Mainly looking from input from an owner of either of these breeds, but anyone's welcome. I know the main differences such a appearence, but I'm talking more about energy levels and general personality. I know it's different for every dog, but I'm curious about people's personal opinions on the breeds.

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Bostons are much more easily trained than frenchies. They have less of a stubborn streak. Bostons have a bit of terrier in them and are much more playful/a bit more active(though this breed can be easily exercised in the house).

Strangely enough I have run into a number of dog aggressive frenchies. Most Bostons get along with everyone.
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I will definitely agree about the dog aggression part. Also, the exercise tolerance. Frenchies are pretty much done in with a sedate walk around the block, assuming the temperature is between 45 and 65. Any higher or lower and they are in trouble.
They were basically bred to be an indoor companion to the people in the home. As such, they are PERFECT, but for an all around, active outdoorsy dog the majority leave much to be desired. I have had Frenchies for about 30 years and have had TWO that I considered doggy dogs, (Lukie was one of them)... they both could and did swim, hike, and otherwise participate in outside activities. The rest either wouldn't or couldn't. Almost all my Frenchies are good with one other dog of the opposite sex but are more than willing to fight with same sex or in a group of three or more.
Why do I love them???? They make me laugh, they entertain me, and they ARE great indoor companions!!!