Potential breeds for my future lifestyle?

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I expect to have a full-time job somewhere in the near future (a couple years from now) that will take up 8~10 hours per day. Generally, my industry will be up and go full-time non-stop until retirement. But I also love to work with dogs and dream of participating in dog sports. Though I'm not sure if this is a half-n-half doable thing, or if it's keep one and lose the other. (In that case, of course a secure job is most important...)

I'll probably get home around 6 on weekdays, and my weekends will be mostly free (hopefully LOL). I like to hike in my free time and I ADORE the beach... but where I will be moving is more inland and gets really hot in summers.

Is it possible to have a dog in this lifestyle, and what breeds would they be? I have a few in mind, but I'd love to hear other's options. hail

- medium to large breed
- tolerate hot weather

My dream breed is the doberman pinscher... next up is GSD. But I don't think I'll be able to start with either breeds until I retire, if my schedule is like this... right/wrong?

I'm mainly just speculating about the future. cloud 9 I like to plan and have expectations.

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Wishing For Snow
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Nearly everyone I know who is involved in dog sports has a full time job. You need to just to be able to pay for all the training classes, entry fees, dog gear, etc. wink

I think the type of dog really depends on your lifestyle beyond your working hours. I know people with all types of breeds (including Border Collies, Shelties, Weims, Aussies) that work full time yet still fit in time for training, exercise and everything else that goes with being successful in dog sports. Some dogs will require that you hire a dog walker during the day or doggie daycare a couple days a week. Some are fine being alone during the day as long as their physical and mental needs are met on a daily basis.

I think once you are actually living your "future lifestyle" you will have a better sense of what type of breed/activity level you will have the time and energy for after a full day's work.
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I have a full time job and also a full time student. It takes alot of my time but i do make time for Kashmir. I have enough time in between classes and work to come home and walk her real quick. This year the university isnt around the corner like the community college was so i will be going straight from work to school. My mom is more than willing to feed the dogs when i have school. This semester i only have classes 3 days a week, which a relief to me. But a full time job and doing dog sports is totally do able.


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Wow, that's great to know. Getting my hopes up! LOL.
Do you know if your friends with the active breeds keep their dogs indoors during the day? How did they manage the pottying? And if you don't mind, can I ask for specific cases with what their work hours are, what breed they have, and how they manage the required exercise and sports?

I've never had a large, active breed all alone indoors for long periods of time like that before, so I'd love as many cases and information as possible! smile

ETA: I most likely won't be able to leave the facility for lunch breaks, especially the first few years as a newbie. If I do decide on a doberman, she'll have amazing priority in my life! My main worry was simply if it's physically possible, and my hopes are rising LOL. My workplace won't allow dogs though, which is sad. frown How would a doberman handle being indoors for long periods? Is it better for them to stay in a backyard (if I have one...) or inside, assuming the weather is alright?

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I am self employed, I own a boarding kennel/grooming salon and most weeks I work 7 to 5 weekdays and 7 to noon Saturdays and Sundays. In the twelve years that I have owned this kennel I have been active with showing, breeding, and doing things with my dogs such as kayaking and camping, etc. I manage just fine, it's pretty much where your priorities lie.
We keep a good, up to date calendar and when I need a weekend off for shows or whatever or some weekday time for camping, I have to plan way, way ahead since most people rebook their grooming for anywhere from 5 to 8 weeks and I am the only groomer here. My four part time girls can usually cover me in the kennel but the grooming IS a problem and people tend to get nasty if you have to change their appointment.
On the plus side, I do get to take some of my own dogs to work everyday, and if I am away, I always have someone to care for my own dogs since they need to come to care for the kennel ones!!! Most of my dogs do stay home alone every day, but I am available to run home for lunch and let everyone out, and depending on weather, they can stay out all day as my kennel is close enough to keep an ear on my own guys and an eye on the weather.
That said, the biggest problem with being the owner is that if someone calls in sick your entire planned day off goes out with the wash!! I have more than once been awakened at dawn on the day of a big show by one of my girls calling in sick, OR there being an ice storm or the like and, as the owner, I get to cancel MY plans and work. A big problem with a kennel is that you can't just lock the door and leave, even in an emergency, since the animals need care and feeding, unlike normal store stock like clothing or other product which is fine if left alone.

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I did a lot of ETA on my recent post up there silenced I probably should have just made a new post. Eep!