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Barked: Sun Aug 19, '12 2:25pm PST 
Our family might be looking for a new dog.
We already have a pack of 5, so this dog will have to be dog friendly.
The reason we might be getting a new dog is as a ratter. Our house has had problems with mice in the past, and that problem is pretty much done for the most part. Now we have a bigger problem: rats. They live in the basement and get into pretty much anything they can. They chewed the plastic dog food bins and made us get metal cans (in one night) and they got into a bag of mulch. Because apparently mulch is a delecacy... shrug

We'll probably use rat traps and see where that takes us before we try and get a new addition... The pack is pretty good now and we're trying to not add any time soon. We will not use decon or anything because of the dangers for the cats and the pack.

So thinking into the future, saying we do get a new dog to be a good ratter, I need help thinking of a good breed. Trainability doesn't really matter as we are good with training. We need something that will be friendly with the pack (ranging from 3lb to 50lb) and not want to eat them. Something with a relatively easy coat is ideal as we already have our hands full with two poodles. The dog would have to be relatively small but sturdy so that it can go into the basement and hunt (the cats are too lazy to hunt anything but mice and on their own time laugh out loud).

So, saying we do wind up getting a new dog, what are some suggestions for a good breed?

*Zephyr sneaks in after mom walks away*
Oh, and I would be thrilled if this dog wasn't pushy. I don't like it when dogs are too much in my face or nuts around my mom...
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Barked: Sun Aug 19, '12 4:19pm PST 
Obviously, the best answer to your question includes (get ready for it) a standard sized rat terrier! big laugh

But really, check out the hunting lines. They have to be good in group settings because they would usually hunt with others--though with a different goal in mind. They're quite independent of the pack... Added bonus, they LOVE and I mean LOOOOVE their humans. Velcro to boot.

I would check into the lines. Pixie, for instance, was bred as a squirrel dog and sucks that up totally--but by GOD she will fetch that ball! Zip on prey drive. Of course that's the exception not the rule...

The standard sized ones (betcha didn't know they come in three sizes!) are in your size range. They can be in the 30#ish range.

As for training, they're one of the easier terriers to train.In my experience, they're soft dogs. Wary of even a minor vocal change. Definitely socialize early on as they are naturally wary of strangers.

They are a bit hyper, though. Be ready for energy galore!
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My Mother-in-Law has a Rat Terrier. He gets all the squirrels and Chipmunks. There are none to be found anywhere on her property, when her yard used to be over run with them.


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lol I was thinking Rat Terrier as well. There's a reason why they're named that, after all.laugh out loud

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way to go yep, Rat Terrier...Although I really like Border Terriers as they are more social/pack oriented than most Terriers but are still tenacious rodent killers.

Sonja is my rodent killer. I've never had a dog fast enough to actually catch and kill rodents until we got Sonja. Before she kills them though...she likes to tease the rest of her pack by prancing around with her head held high with the critter in her mouth.
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Barked: Sun Aug 19, '12 9:22pm PST 
I thought of these breeds, but granted, I'm not familiar with their personalities or whether or not they get along with other dogs:

Rat Terrier smile
Jack or Parson Russell Terriers
Standard Dachshund
Smooth Fox Terrier

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Barked: Mon Aug 20, '12 4:51am PST 
Any small terrier type would be good for the job really. Missy would love to come on over and help you out! wink

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Barked: Mon Aug 20, '12 6:13pm PST 
I would also go with a standard size terrier...they can be difficult with other dogs but if raised right are usually fine.

All my dogs, especially My doxies are great at keeping out wildlife of all kinds, each has their specialty. Maggie (doxie) is a great bird catcher (don't ask me how she catches them...i have no idea). Wiggles (doxie) is the rabbit/mole/other ground dwelling rodent catcher. Milo (doxie) is the bug catcher. Star (golden) is a great squirrel/chipmunk catcher. Josie (terrier/border collie X) is a raccoon and deer chaser (she hasn't caught any yet). Stinger (chessie pup) is learning to catch birds (saw her snatch a bird right out of the air a couple days ago, luckily she didn't hurt it and let it go).

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Missy, Brittany would too. If Britt and Missy wouldn't sit and try and attack each other they could kill all the rats in the basement with teamwork! rainbow

That rainbow is their teamwork super-hero symbol. ;D

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