Pit Bull/Shar Pei mix?

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Shiver Me- Timbers- "Charlie"

My Little Dog, a- heartbeat at my- feet.<3
Barked: Tue Jul 31, '12 1:02pm PST 

My mom called me the other day... And I guess one of her husbands coworkers dog ended up having puppies...

APPARENTLY... This is the story. They were boarding the dogs onto an airline(not sure why - all information is second hand), and stated to the airline people NOT to place the dogs together because the female was in heat. The airline was apparently the people that crated the dogs together(do they do that? I thought we had to crate our dogs ourselves at airports?) and the dogs managed to tie, clearly and now they have a dog who just had a litter of puppies.

Pit Bull/Shar Pei... Oh boy.

Now, my moms owned Pit Bulls all her life and done a fantastic job with them. NONE have popped up with any of the issues(dog aggression, etc), she's always had them fixed, and raised them with her family, etc. I grew up with many of them. That said... She has NEVER owned a Shar Pei and knows next to nothing about them.

What's the good, the bad and the ugly? I know Pit Bulls... What I'm curious about is what bad traits could mix together in these pups... and good traits too.

The reason she's asking is her husband is dead set on wanting to take one of the pups(but he's also the idiot that ruined Maya) and even brought home pictures to try to entice her and so far, she's held firm... but I know my mom and she LOVES dogs(even if she's not a great owner). They live on a farm on eight acres(not fenced), and already own an intact male Rottweiler that's well over a hundred pounds of muscular puppy(he's almost three and he's HUGE and still acts like a puppy).

Anyway.. Yeah... bad situation imo.... But all I can do is discourage her to get it...

oops theres a- wall there!
Barked: Tue Jul 31, '12 2:04pm PST 
I've always wanted a Shar Pei cause I think they are cute! But that said I have heard that they are a very strong breed and can be aggressive with other dogs and strangers. I don't know much about the breed, but I do believe that with that mixture they are going to have to spend alot of time with this puppy! Training and socializing. And if she doesn't even want the dog I don't think he should be talking her into it, if someones not ready to commint to a pup no matter what breed it's kinda like bad news from the beginning. Good luck to your mom and I hope whatever she decides it works out for her!

Lover girl
Barked: Tue Jul 31, '12 5:42pm PST 
I know people who foster for shar pei rescue and they have had issues with some fosters and others have been great. I think training and lots of socialization is extremely important. Pei's are strong dogs, they are very muscular. They are also very smart but tend to be stubborn when it comes to training. I have seen some that are very dog aggressive and others who could care less about other dogs.
The main thing I know about them is that their are common health issues and special grooming that is needed. Pei's can have allergies and skin infections are common due to their skin folds. The folds must be wiped out to prevent bacteria and infections. I also have heard that eye problems, like cherry eye and cataracts, are common.


Will Work For- Food
Barked: Tue Jul 31, '12 6:21pm PST 
We used to have a Shar-pei - she has been gone for about 4 years now.
Shar-peis are very independent, strong minded dogs who are very devoted to their family. They can be very protective of the home and their people. They are strong but easy going and exercise requirement are easily met with a daily walk/run. As for dog agression, most of the Shar-peis I have known personally (all were well socialized) have been good with other dogs BUT any Shar-pei that is challenged by another dog will not back down. Our dog got in a fight once when another dog came at her aggressively - luckily the other owner got her dog right away or it wouldn't have ended well for her dog - Shar-peis know how to defend themselves.
Our Shar-pei was wonderful with kids and good with people invited in the home but I never 100% trusted her when strangers came to the door as she was very protective.
As for health, they can have some issues - ours had swollen hock syndrome for most of her life. I'm not sure how these health issues would express themselves in a mix.

Love me.
Barked: Tue Jul 31, '12 7:16pm PST 
All I can say is I don't believe their story of blaming the airport. I am pretty sure you crate the animal yourself, and you are not allowed to crate multiple animals in the same crate (unless they are babies) when they are being flown. That was the rules when I looked them up recently, but it was for an international flight, it *may* different for domestic flights...but I don't buy it.shrug

The Cuddly- Hellhound
Barked: Tue Jul 31, '12 9:00pm PST 
If it's a half-breed, how much of the shar pei natural defects will usually dilute out? ...wow that feels phrased wear...
Jackson Tan

Lad about town
Barked: Tue Jul 31, '12 11:48pm PST 
The airline story is garbage, IMO.

I would not take on a puppy of this mix, personally - the potential DA issues boggle the mind.

"The reason she's asking is her husband is dead set on wanting to take one of the pups(but he's also the idiot that ruined Maya)"

All I can say is . . . silenced Bad, bad, bad.

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Shiver Me- Timbers- "Charlie"

My Little Dog, a- heartbeat at my- feet.<3
Barked: Wed Aug 1, '12 1:20am PST 
Twister and JT - I don't believe the airline story either. Which is why I said 'apparently'. I think it's complete bull and an excuse for backyard breeding or their own idiot mistake.

That said... The potential for major DA is also what bothers me about this mix... My mom has raised dogs no problem - her husband? Not so much... My mom's done a great job all her life with raising dogs and socializing them properly. Her husband completely ruined any chances Maya had at a normal, happy life by neglect and abuse and putting her through abusive PPD(I don't think PPD training is abusive, but the methods used with her were) training when she did not have the temperament for it. She ended up a nervous wreck, with fear aggression and crippling arthritis. I fear such a breed mix in his hands and even moreso, on a farm where they would lack the socialization needed if they ever moved back to the city...

I'm REALLY encouraging her to stick to her guns on this one...

Love me.
Barked: Wed Aug 1, '12 10:55am PST 
Yikes, hope your mom wins on this one.

Barked: Wed Aug 1, '12 1:01pm PST 
I really hope your mum wins on this one shar peis don't have a good reputation for being stable dogs, I'm guessing this is mostly the BYB ones though they became the penis extension dog of choice here a few years ago and were very overbred frown. They can be DA and add that to pitbulls who while being wonderful dogs aren't always great with other dogs obviously the mix could be a mess especially if one of the owners is such an idiot.

On flights animals are in seperate crates if they're over a certain weight and I think that only includes the smallest toy breeds and small furries not a shar pei and a pitbull so that is rubbish.

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