Someone tell me about Norwich Terriers... (Tiller? I know you love terriers!)

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Barked: Wed Jun 6, '12 2:37pm PST 
Hubs had to make a run across the United States this past week and stayed with a wonderful couple with two Norwich Terriers. He was smitten enough to tell me all about them!

Now, we weren't a fan of Terriers until we owned a little rat... now we find they are actually (frighteningly) a wonderful fit for our activity level. Apparently, they work well for two people who like to go-go-go and want a little dog who can keep up, AND have a ball, AND is cute enough to get into anyone's house. Just the right kind of hyper...Who knew...

Now, there will be no dogs anytime soon. Three beautiful, wonderful, now grown-up (THANK DOG!) dogs are plenty!

But I wonder... what are these CUTE little dogs like to live with? What are their personalities? Any information (*cough* TILLER *cough*) we need to really know about considering them (far...far in the future?). Perhaps they will be added to our list...

Thank ya much!
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Well according to the people in "Best In Show" they are a terrier with a great derriere. laugh out loud

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I was JUSt thinking that, jewel!! LMAO!!!!

OMG I'm so tired of dogster eating my posts! WTF??

Anyway, I have a friend who shows norwhich terriers and cardigans and here is what she's said:

1) Most are same sex aggressive
2) They're very expensive because they have trouble getting pregnant in the first place, trouble whelping when they are pregnant, and then they have very small litters
3) They're freakin' cute little fire balls.

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They're not quite as laid back as the Borders are. The ratties I know have a higher energy level than a Norwich tends to have, so you'd be used to that already. They're smart and inquisitive, which ofcourse can get them in to a bit of trouble...wink Nice dogs overall. Reeeaaally sweet faces. As with any small breed terrier these days, be careful about finding a good breeder, too many of them are favorites of large scale puppy millers.
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They are absolutely adorable for starters!

My friend has three and they all get on fine... They tend to all gang up together and get into major trouble but if you can keep up with thier training and their basic needs, they are amazing!

Hers all know over twenty tricks and can even sneeze on command which is the cutest thing ever!!!

Good luck making a decission... I have the same dilemma at the minute smile

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Barked: Thu Jun 7, '12 5:31pm PST 
I had a friend about 10 years ago that bred Norwich and Border terriers, in my experience they were not as biddable as the borders and a bit more... fiery. None of the ones she had were aggressive towards people or other dogs but that could have been that she was a hard task mistress with them. They were good in agility but not competitive, they all had a mind of their own and sometimes would make up their own courses.

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Barked: Thu Jun 7, '12 7:09pm PST 
Thank you all for the responses!

I'm fine with fiery. smile That makes terriers fun! And the slight DA doesn't shock me. That's a terrier trait, no bones about it! Even Pixie is a brat to our other dogs, and she downright rejects outsiders. She won't attack... Unless they get in her business! Haha!

I'm liking the description of these little guys. smile I have a *thing* for terriers, geeze... Where is that old thread where I was like, "I will NEVER own a terrier!" big laugh

DH is smitten, too!

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I’ve met a couple who do agility. The older dog was a great agility dog, and the pup (under 1 year old) was a crazy ball of perpetual motion. Very keen little guy and looked to be a promising agility prospect with time and maturity. Both were friendly (especially the pup!) and I didn’t see any signs of DA, although I didn’t talk to their owner in-depth about their temperaments.
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I tell ya, Gunner, terriers are addictive . . . big grin