Tell me about Bearded Collies

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This is more curiosity than anything, because there are Bearded Collie/Bernese Mountain dog pups at our sheltersmile I did research on Berners , so I have a pretty good idea of their temperament. I know little about Beardies. Do they shed? What kind of personality do they have? Exercise requirements? Is there anything you can tell me about them? The mom is a definite Bearded Collie but the Bernese dad is a guess. They are all blackthinking

Here are some pics cloud 9

http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=233672130043538&set=oa .10150526076773431&type=1&theater

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Oh my goodness ... someone is actually talking about the beardie !!! Beardies are "THE HIDDEN GEM" of the doggie kingdom. No one here on Dogster (save Tiller) ever talks about these wonderful herders. You are in for a treat if you go this route.

Do beardies shed ????? Yes and no..... If you don't brush them daily you'll see "some" shedding and a whole lot of matting (not good). I brush Secret first thing every morning... takes about 10 - 15 minutes. Once or twice a week I go after her undercoat. Do this and you'll never need a groomer and there will be no shedding to speak of.

As far as exercise needs it differs as in all breeds with each dog.... depending on its working drive. Secret's grand father came from a working line imported from Dublin.... she is very focused when she is "working". Seven months out the year she stands off leash guarding against coyotes and an occasional mountain lion or smaller wildcat. She will establish a 30 foot perimeter (demilitarized zone) keeping the predators staged too far away to make sneak attacks on my other terriers. She will not chase after anything.... she just holds her ground. The 5 months she spends in Las vegas she is happy with a mile or two daily walk. Also , being a beardie , she bounces and bounces and bounces.... if for some odd reason we can't get out for a day or two I poop her out by utilizing her desire to bounce.

Secret doesn't have the typical beardie happy go lucky attitude. She is somewhat aloof to strangers but will let anyone pet her but would just as soon pass on that pleasantry... The Akc says they do not make good watch dogs nor protection dogs...." PHOOEY" Secret didn't read that paragraph .... She will fight if called for.... she likes to fight.... she's real good at fighting without biting. We train daily at this.

Once again I can't speak for all beardies but Secret is the best off leash dog I've ever seen. Her "down stay" is off the chart. Her ability to quickly learn is outstanding.... she potty trained in 3 days !! She responds to voice, hand and whistle commands. She was a complete noob until she turned about 2 1/2 then the "LIGHT" just came on and she "GOT IT"

Beardie pups are born jet black with white (except for the brown/tan version) and lose that baby fur at around 9-12 months when they become very light grey and soft. The outer coat will then darken to some degree of medium to dark gray and turn somewhat coarse . They can look really silly in the middle of this change !!

Beardies are magnificent ...a dog for all seasons, a dog for all reasons... not too many people know or realize this.( even your typical dodgster wise guys)...notice how many responses you've got so far to your post....typical. Go for it ... you'll be pleasantly surprised !


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I don't know that much about them, but just a plug to say I also think they are wonderful dogs. They have the typical Collie, Corgi, Aussie, sort of undercoat to my knowledge.



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Thanks, Secret. I was hoping you would respond.smile Most people discourage other people from getting "their" breed . These are mixes , so they would be a combination of characteristics. I just wondered what they might get from the mom. She is not black , so they must get that from the dad. They came from a puppy mill raid, so they know the dad was either a Lab or Bernese. I am not ready for another dog right now and was looking at a Standard Poodle for later on. I just saw these and got really curious. As wonderful as they sound, a bouncy dog who takes a long time to mature would probably not be the best fit for us. I will be keeping an eye on these shelter dogs though, especially since we all know how hard it is for the big black dogsfrown Thanks for your input as well , Torie. smile
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The only one I know is HA. shrug He's quite sketchy, probably not the best representation of the breed, but perhaps a good representation of what happens when a typical family gets a dog and does nothing with it.

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beardies are cool