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If you are wondering what is the right dog for you, this is the place to be. In this introductory forum we talk about topics such as breed vs. mix, size, age, grooming, breeders, shelters, rescues as well as requirements for exercise, space and care. No question is too silly here. This particular forum is for getting and giving helpful, nice advice. It is definitely not a forum for criticizing someone else's opinion, knowledge or advice. This forum is all about tail wagging and learning.

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Barked: Mon Jun 28, '10 5:28pm PST 
I am sorry if you feel my tone is aggressive and condescending, that was not my intent. I never meant to insinuate or accuse Lilith of being ignorant, those were not my words. My point was that a person who has never seen a Tamaskan, never corresponded with a breeder, owner, or Tamaskan Club or Registry member, probably has limited knowledge compared to an owner or breeder that has been involved with the breed for 3+ years. What I was alluding to was that Lilith’s research was limited to a particular blogspot that was anti-Tamaskan, and she did not validate her research through people experienced in the breed. I do not doubt that Lilith is a respected member of this forum, I never questioned that. I did not care that Lilith took what is considered a fable and posted it about Tamaskans as if she was well experienced in the breed.
I consider myself knowledgeable in the fabled blogspot concerning the Tamaksans, I know the person who wrote it and I know where this writer got her source of information. I have tracked down every possible angle and it all leads to dead ends. The blogspot looks good and is believable, but that is where it ends. Both the writer and the source of this information have ulterior motives and it is blatant to the Tamaskan community.
I would love to personally address all the controversy and address the questions, but there is just too much to address. I am inserting a link from one of the Tamaskan clubs in response to this fabled blogspot. Now you have both sides of the story. I for one do not care for the bickering back and forth. In the end I love my Tamaskans, they are wonderful dogs, Intelligent, and they do not possess wolf or wolf-dog behaviors. Here is the link http://tamaskan-dog.com/uk/Articles/nowolfable.htm You may also want to check out the Tamaskan discussion at www.wolfdog.org where you can see the Aatu Tamaskan breeders have been searching for CWD’s to add to their breeding pool. After reading the above links I hope you all have a better understanding of the Tamaskan and all the controversy.

Barked: Mon Jun 28, '10 5:59pm PST 
Well then.

I must say, I`ve really enjoyed reading all the 'back and fourth' posts. Aside form dogs,I always enjoy seeing how people handle certain confrontations or situations.

As far as the Tamaskan goes. I`m not very concerned about weather the breed has wolf lineage or not. Its not registered to any large organizations like the AKC or UCK, and until they are, and the pedigrees are fully shown, will it make a difference in my perception of the breed.

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Barked: Mon Jun 28, '10 6:42pm PST 
Tundra, thank you for your link.

I read it over but it is a VERY brief article that addresses basically only mere sentences that they can disagree with.

Here are a few interesting ones:

http://web.archive.org/web/20060621152923/www.blustag-arcti cbreeds.com/Promotion/Promo.htm

"Playing Thetis (in the shape of a wolf) was Yogi at Blustag."

"Kenai played the part of a Wolf in the film Peleus."

http://web.archive.org/web/20061116141044/www.blustag-ar cticbreeds.com/Wolf+Dogs/Dogs/wolf-dogs.htm

Here is 'Yogi' listed as a wolfdog back in 2006.

Here's another:
http://web.archive.org/web/20061028122437/www.blustag-arct icbreeds.com/Wolf+Dogs/wolfdog.htm

The main picture is an un-named wolfdog from 2006 at Blustag.

This person owned a wolfdog and claims:
a s a sister to her's. Said picture is titled 'Henki'.

From same person's gallery, also named 'Henki'.
This photo was uploaded back in 2007.

But hey look,
http://tamaskan-dog.com/blustag/jodie.htm (Current page)
is the same dog renamed 'Jodie' who is now apparently a Tamaskan.

Here's another interesting one:
On a Finnish forum it lists "Bogie" as an "alaskan interior -susi" 'Alaskan Interior - Wolf'.. which the TDR line states, "It is true that Boogie may be a pure wolf or a high percentage wolf-dog and that he lived/lives at Polarspeed kennels."

The listed pups from Bogie on that page include "Henki" (same bitch as above) and "Valko" (click on 'dogs' on the 2006 archives pages to find Valko listed as a Wolfdog).

But the TDR pedigrees say that Henki/Jodie is out of a sire named 'Ivan' - breed unknown/unspecified.....

I dunno..

There's more, I know, but these are just the ones for now..
And just so you know, Tundra, the "The No Wolf Tamaskan Fable" is NOT the only thing I've read and not my only source.

It is simply untrue that other owners of Tamakans - yes, regular Tamaskans, not the so-called disgruntled group 'Aatu Tamaskans' - all 'know' there is no wolf content. Including simple owners who are not breeders nor have a reason to press for one 'agenda' or the other.


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Barked: Mon Jun 28, '10 9:19pm PST 
- Needs daily mental and physical exercise

- Suffers from seperation anxiety

- Needs an owner who can achieve a pack leader status

- Has to have order in their pack

- Needs a daily, long, brisk walk

- Bred from the Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute

- Also contains some German Shepher Dog

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Barked: Tue Jun 29, '10 7:24am PST 
Those sound like fairly wolfy/wolfdog behaviors to me. If they were indeed not bred from any wolves at all...would the post on the last page have gotten basically a blank pedigree? Would they generally exhibit behaviors that wolfdogs do? None of these are proof in and of themselves but they definitely are reasons to be suspicious.

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Barked: Tue Jun 29, '10 10:35am PST 
"What I was alluding to was that Lilith’s research was limited to a particular blogspot that was anti-Tamaskan,"

I take exception to the statement (above) made by Tundra. Anyone who has bothered to read the "fable" site will find nothing anti-Tamaskan about it. I challenge anyone to find a single place wherein the reader is directed not to purchase a UK Tamaskan Dog. What IS said on the site is, the information you are given may be incomplete or , based on experience, false. If you are interested in one of these dogs, do your homework, verify the information, and ask for documentation of everything, including DNA parentage before you purchase one of these dogs. For those who have purchased a UK Tamskans Dog and now have determined that you likely have a wolf dog (not all lines have wolf/wolfdog in them), there are links and resources for assistance.

I learned long ago that only the guilty take exception to the truth. The whole wolf/wolfdog debate could have been easily resolved with providing the DNA testing they claim to already have. While the UK Tamaskan Dog folks have gone so far as to hound wink an Aatu owner suggesting that the breeder was unethical and that she require DNA proof that her dog is a purebred, as an Aatu breeder, I informed all of the people on my waiting list that I no longer breed TDR-registered UK Tamaskan Dogs, and if they had their heart set on one, they should check the TDR or NTCA website for breeders. And as far as I know this was done by all Aatu breeders, not just myself.

I personally know both Tundra and the owner of Ta-Kari and I can tell you that the relationship has been highly emotionally charged since I first became involved with the Tamaskan Dog. We would be here a long time while they tit for tat all of the negative things they have to say about each other. Anyone interested in the history of the dog or the state of the breed would be advised to check out BOTH the TDR site and the fable site and decide for themselves.

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Barked: Sat Jul 3, '10 8:00pm PST 
hey everyone...i have been researching the Tamaskan Dog because i would like to work with a dog that might be good for Search and Rescue and as a Service Dog for people with food allergies and other scent changing disabilities....

the reason i started looking at the Tamaskan Dog was because of my Argo baby...she is Half German Shepard and Half Siberian Husky...she does look a lot like a Tamaskan Dog smile and I liked some of the combos that came with her mix...however, she was fixed when i first got her and there are not others in the area that have like dogs...so after research, i came apon the Tamaskan...

now, having worked with different breeders, and having helped with a dog breeder breeding toy poodles, maltese, and yorkies...and a cat breeder who has breed siamese and persian...these two breeders that were regestered...the dog breeder being from the AKC (where i learned the AKC can come in at any time and test genetics of the dogs for which parents the puppies come from)...and the cat breeder being from CFA....anyways, i also have breed my own line of Fancy Tail Guppies with gray bodies that were blue fins/tails and the tails having half-moons to the tails...i worked also with siamese pointed mice...basically im going to be an OBGYN that specializes in Genetics mostly dealing with umbilical cords...but i can say, i know what to look for when talking with breeders (my mom currently has a toy poodle i brought home to her that has over 10 champions in direct line...she has 3 toys and we have always had poodles that were AKC)...

i stated the above to let people know that im not dumb to questions to ask breeders and breed organizations...i also know how to read a pedigree and know some in how to test lines for knowing if they are truely from that line...my point being...when i contacted TDR about wanting to know more about the line...i asked a lot of questions, i was told i could get any info about a dog or puppy i was considering and the whole pedigree if i really wanted it...i also asked about genetic lines and some of the things running through the lines or seen in different coats to temperments...basically lots and lots of questions...i will say that the person i spoke to directly through the TDR was very nice and offered all the info that i needed and asked for...however, some of the info the person could not give me until i knew which breeder i was going to choose or if i figured which lines i might want...basically while the breed is still young, there is still way too much info to give based on some of my questions...but narrowing the breeder down will help them give more info...when you buy a dog from a breeder they must give you 3 generations back and you have every right to see the parents, ect...also a DNA test is done on the puppy but the test is only tells you that the puppy actually came from the two parents...if you are worried about the Tamaskan Dog line being from wolves...you can actually do a test now...thanks to California lab...

http://www.petandwildlife.com/wolf-conservation/wolves-gen etic-test.html


http://w ww.nwcreation.net/dogsandwolves.html (this is more on the actually mtDNA and mitochondrial DNA differences in wolves verses dogs)

there is only about 0.2% differences in the mtDNA...which really isnt that much...speaking from a DNA prospective...and about a 4% in mitochondrial DNA....anyways...the tests are realitively new...but if you are worried then there are ways to test...which will most likely happen when the breed is registered with the AKC...but since it is so young...i agree with the TDR in not releasing too much unless you are activily going to breed the dogs or own one...the reason i state this is because of other breeds that have gotten too much exclaim (dyslexic...i think thats the word im looking for) from people...think Rin Tin Tin and all the dogs the were claimed afterwords as being a son, daughter, sister, brother, 2nd cousin...ect....that is one of the reasons for some of the issues health wise now in the German Shep that responsible breeders are now doing a good job of getting rid of...i think the TDR just wants to make sure that the orginal dogs are well estabilished before they start releasing a whole lot...however, i also agree that if the dogs can only be registered with TDR then there shouldnt be too much of a problem releasing the info to people that ask for info because of want to buy or breed....or just deciding...but i agree...this is not the place for this...the TDR website should be a great place to ask the breed pedigree history and not this forum...however, after talking with them, if you find info that we should know about...please post it...but forums are not the place for this information...

now, just so you know, no i do not have a Tamaskan yet, however, i am planing on still buying a breeder puppy or two...and actively helping out the breed line as soon as i have the money to do so...

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Barked: Sun Jul 4, '10 6:57am PST 
I'm sorry Argo, but your post is very confusing. Can you summarize in a sentence or two the point you are trying to make? Thanks

Barked: Sun Jan 27, '13 9:30pm PST 
if you want to learn about the breed you should contact the Tamaskan Dog Register (www.tamaskan-dog.org) or the worldwide forum for the breed (www.tamaskan-forum.com)
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