Standard Poodle breeders Northern California (or further)

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Sabrina- 2000~2012

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Barked: Tue Dec 4, '07 8:17pm PST 
I'm currently leaning towards a standard poodle for my next service dog, but now I need some good breeder suggestions! This will be my first time buying from a breeder, and I'm still a little mystified by it all, so please don't hesitate to explain everything!

Of course I want only reputable breeders!

My ideal breeder would be located in Northern California so that I can see the puppies more than once before I bring mine home. However, I am willing to travel up to a days drive from my house (near the San Francisco area) to see pups. I don't want to get a pup sight unseen.

My ideal breeder would have produced service or therapy dogs before. This is not a requirement, but I think it would be nice to get from a line with proven service or therapy dogs. And in addition, a breeder that's produced these sorts of dogs will likely know more what to look for in their puppies when thinking about which would be good for me.

If I have the option, I'd prefer the breeder use limited vaccinations and feed a homecooked or raw diet. This is lower down on my priority list, but it would be great if I found a breeder like this.

So, any suggestions?

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Barked: Wed Dec 5, '07 11:19am PST 
I'm not familiar with California, but these guys are in Chilcoot...


Their site looks good, their dogs look healthy, they seem like they really care and really care and take into consideration the placement of their puppies, they are active in rescue, they "specialize" in therapy dogs, a quick referance to the www.offa.org (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) website shows that some have all passed their health tests with flying colors and all have even recieved their CHIC numbers! The one thing I'm not sure about is what activites (conformation, obedience, therapy, ect.) that their dogs participate in, but I did a pretty quick run through of them. (However, they do sell their puppies on show contracts, so...)

Let me know what you think of them.

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Sabrina- 2000~2012

To break- injustice we- must break- silence
Barked: Wed Dec 5, '07 6:41pm PST 
Thanks Zeus! They look good!

I also found this one:


La Marka and Bellice standard poodles. What do you think of them?


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Barked: Thu Dec 6, '07 3:25pm PST 
Sabrina, I looked at your link, and that seems like an awesome breeder! They have successful service dogs in their lines, show their dogs and, from the looks of the pictures, compete in agility or some other sport. They've been breeding for over 30 years, which gives them a solid background and long history. They do seven health tests, personality tests and early socializing. The dogs live inside and interact with people on a frequent basis.

I read that they have relatives available for you to look at. Also available are references from people who own one of their dogs. All dogs go out on a spay/neuter contracts. I couldn't find what they feed, but I'm sure they would tell you if you asked.

Personally, I would get a puppy from they (if I could afford one, that is).

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Barked: Thu Dec 6, '07 4:09pm PST 
Yes! I LOVE the link for that breeder!

However, if I have learned one thing working and talking with dozens of Bullmastiff breeders, it's find one you are compatable with and can truely get along with. In the Bullmastiff community there are two breeders that are referred to as the "Wicked Witch of the West" and the "Wicked Witch of the East". At first glance, their breeding program and dogs are great. (Which really, they are.) But to have a relationship with them is to be digging yourself a grave. One of my favorite Bullmastiff breeders is so completely overprotective of her lines that she comes off as mean, rude and standoffish. I've decided that that's something I can't deal with, no matter how wonderful her dogs are!

We have a Standard Poodle @ the clinic right now who's sick. He's so beautiful, and so stinkin' well behaved! I swear, the more I'm around them, the more I love them. I don't know if I've ever met such a compliant easy-going breed! (Although I don't think he cared for my talk of dying him pink and cutting his hair to look like a min-horse. laugh out loud)
Sabrina- 2000~2012

To break- injustice we- must break- silence
Barked: Thu Dec 6, '07 6:53pm PST 
Thanks guys!

Gunner, they feed kibble and RMBs so it's pretty much a perfect breeder for me I think!

I called them last night expecting to leave a message and ended up spending over an hour on the phone with them! They are soooooooooo nice! They asked me all the right questions, and really seemed to be on the ball about things. I also got along with the woman well.

Every litter they temperment test and donate a pup or two to the local service dog school, and one of the people doing the breeding actually has a service dog and helps others train their own service dogs so it really sounds like they'll know what to look for in a pup. They've had 10 successful service dogs from their lines.

They're planning on breeding in January or February, which means pups available in May/June which is exactly when I wanted them (they only breed twice a year). I'll keep y'all posted on things, and I will keep looking at breeders but unless another one knocks my socks off like these guys have, I think I found my match!

Oooh, and we discussed color, too, and decided for me I should get a brown or a black.