i need a LOW MAINTENANCE dog..

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Barked: Mon Feb 19, '07 9:27pm PST 
i really need a low maintenance kind of dog..one who's small and requires less baths but more snuggling and petting kind of dog.. thanks!

Better than I- was
Barked: Mon Feb 19, '07 9:43pm PST 
Well, I don't know about the snuggling part, but i would say older rather than a puppy

Bullies Are- The Best!
Barked: Mon Feb 19, '07 10:06pm PST 
Shelter dog for sure

Sachi- (1997-2012)

Dirt is a girls- best friend!
Barked: Mon Feb 19, '07 10:12pm PST 
Some low maintenance, small, and snuggly breeds are: Chihuahua, French Bulldog, Italian Greyhound, and Toy Fox Terrier.

Keep in mind that the types of breeds that want to be cuddled a lot also require more time with their humans to be happy.

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Bullies Are- The Best!
Barked: Mon Feb 19, '07 10:16pm PST 
I do want to point out that even small breeds need care too.

They too need exercise and attention, training, etc.

The only difference is they don't eat as much!

I am larger than- life, no really- I AM
Barked: Tue Feb 20, '07 3:11am PST 
BOL, haven't been around my food bowl have you?
Maybe with a little more info on what traits you are looking for it will be easier to suggest a fitting breed.
So we have a small dog that enjoys to be petted and doesn't need much grooming.
How much time will you spend with your dog? Some breeds are more demanding for attention and affection than others.
What about exercise?
Do you plan to take part in any form of activity with your dog (agility, obedience, flyball...)?
How important is a ver ywell behaved dog for you? As in do you expect your dog to be eager to learn tricks and to pelase you or is a more independant minded breed okay, too?
What about barking? Is that a big issue? Some breeds tend to be more vocal than others. And don't underestimate the voice of a Minipin!
Housebreaking, (some smaller breeds seem to have a difficult time with that) are you willing to really work on that?
What about general health issues? Would you be willing to live with a dog that might require special attention in one way or another? Pupgs & Frenchies don't do well in a very warm place because of theri breathing issues, Dachshunds should not take to many stairs, IGs are often fragile and can easily break bones by jumping off of furniture.
They might laso need clothing as they don't have any body fat to keep them warm, are you willing to spend the extra money or not?
There is sooo many things that impact which breed is right for you. Think of what you want in a dog and what you rather not have. That will bring you much closer to the right breed or mix!
Camarillo "BRILLO"

brill-cream...a- lil daub'll do- ya.....
Barked: Tue Feb 20, '07 3:48am PST 
although I'm already committed to a hooman... I'm exactly what you're looking for !! I'm a Parsons Jack Russell - Chihuahua (known as jack- chi's...chussells...or parchisee's). Go to the "jack russell chihuahua community" group (http://www.dogster.com/group/Jack_russellchihuahua_community-2997 )
and you'll see a large variety of these beautiful, low to no grooming, lovable, cuddling, easy to train and cheap to feed super dogs . We are awesome dogs !!! There's a jack-chi out there right now that already loves you....

Barked: Tue Feb 20, '07 4:33am PST 
Excellent Post Elliot way to goway to go
Kiona CGC

The Prettiest- Princess

Barked: Tue Feb 20, '07 5:53am PST 
How about a cat? Seriously.

I honestly think there are no "low maintenence" dog breeds, just breeds that do not bother you as much if you do not have time for them.

Happy Birthday- Mama!!
Barked: Tue Feb 20, '07 5:58am PST 
I can only speak from my experience, but I'd say chihuahuas are by fare NOT low maintence dogs.They are quite hard to train and are so tiny that you have to be gentle with them, yet they think they are big so they act all tough, so mostly you have to protect them frm themsleves (jumping off of things too high--picking fights with the big dogs ect)
I don't know if other chi owners would agree or not, but I'd say they require more medical care than most dogs because they are so small and get dehydrated so fast or have their blood sugar drop. Something that is no big deal in a bigger breed can be dangerous for the little ones.
Most chis are picky beyond picky eaters--sometimes it feels like Lucy expects me to stand on one foot and sing twinkle twinkle little star or something when I put her food down before she heats (j/k) They are also very clingy dogs and like to be some how tuouching you twenty for hours a day.
Like someone meantioned, they need clothes and get cold really fast.
But they are BIG cuddlers and don't need much grooming.So if by low maintences, you me not hard to groom, I'd say they'd be good. I think alot of dogsters can give you great advice, you just need to specicify where you want the low maintance.
I hope you can get the advice you need.
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