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Barked: Sat Dec 9, '06 3:38pm PST 
Mum's two favourite breeds have become so badley populer that they end up in the shelter and many won't be rehomed because of the working dogs that they are.
I'm talking not just about springers and border collies but huskys and dalmations.
Ever since these movies kids want them parents get them 5-6 mounths later parents scream and throw them out saying allergies or agressive behaviour.

Me and mum took a visit today to go drop off some toys I had got and treats that I won't touch ( I have a senstive mouth why should I have play with a rope toy or eat milk bones when gravy ones are much better) and we decided to have a look round. can you belive it we saw two full pedigree ( the last owners gave thier pappers and the breeder was being contacted ) siberian husky puppies one red & white one silver & white. They came in because they had aparently tryed to kill the owners 6 year old son, I whent in as mum whent in ( she's friends with the shelter and she's allowed to go in with a member of staff ) and we played and had a great time, hehe even mum got in on the game but they diden't even mouth her so we belive the owners lied.
After we had played and they had to return we had a look and found a husky x malamute, three dalmations, eight collies and 3 springers. Most of the dogs thier was either puppies or old mongrels.

Mum was in tears at the end of the day because she hates xmas time because old dogs come in then come april the puppies flood in.

We wish people would learn springers,collies,huskys & dalmations are not a breed you can just take for a small trot around the block ( hell i get 4/6 walks a day and i'm calm ). There used to be a husky rescue here and they even had to have a waiting list because they got so flooded ( they moved to somewhere much bigger ) and we have visited dalmation rescue which are also flooded.

They make ads about xmas puppies but what about all these people that get thier kids the dog on tv expecting it too be highly trained and dosen't need much care or exersize ( mum says once the local shelter had a rough collie that was just thick with mats that is where the previous owners haden't tried to shave him ).
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Barked: Sat Dec 9, '06 5:30pm PST 
Sigh, I know what you mean. Ever since 8 Below and Snow Dogs (AS MUCH AS I LOVE 8 BELOW, Snow Dogs was rather silly) the breed has soared in popularity...and unfortunately, homelessness. I was pleased that when mom bought the 8 below DVD, it had an insert about the breed and emphasized that they are NOT for everyone. Mom says she can't go to the shelter anymore, she says it makes her cry, because she knows she can't save them all. I'm glad you got to play with those puppies, I'm sure it made their day. Please, anyone who is going to get ANY breed of dog, whether it be huskies, dalmations, spaniels, whatever, DO YOU RESEARCH. Its not fair to the animal to suffer for lack of education and ignorance.
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Barked: Sat Dec 9, '06 6:08pm PST 
I'm always glad when a Maltese (& now a Yorkie) doesn't win group or BIS on the televised dog shows. Whatever breed wins sees an instant rise in popularity & the puppy mills get busy.


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Barked: Sun Dec 10, '06 10:58am PST 
We have snow dogs though everybody we've talked to say bite a usky on an ear and it will return the favor and bite you on the ear back. that's good they did that for 8 below we don't have it yet so woulden't know.
Yeah mum's started to talk to the shelter about making some playdates with a few of the dogs oh and the two huskys whent back to the breeder who was furious because aprently they had signed a contract saying they was to return them under any condition.

Yes anything that wins crufts of some sort becomes populer in the papper with things like puppies of champion or great cousin to champion. Also when an animal is seen on an advert like felix kitty food there's a black and white kitty so some kids want a felike cat or even a garfield cat. Poor animals.