I'm getting a new little sister

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Today mommy told me I'm going to get a little chihuahua sister in March 2007 I'm so excited I never had a little sister before!!! please send me & ashley some advice on chihuahuas we need all the help we can get we went on pedigree.com and looked at the puppy stuff there Ashley is going to name her Daisy Mae she is going to get her from her mom's friend at her work they are going to give the puppies away for free ashley told me that todayI agreed on everything ashley is a very good dog owner and she did had two puppies before Leo and buddy she didn't have them at the same time but she had to get rid of them because leo had parvo because the people who had him before when he was a puppy didn't give him any shots and kept the puppies outside all the time and his brother had caught parvo and they didn't tell me so when I pet his brother and petted leo he had got whatever his brother got and buddy was chewing the heck out of everything and he fractured cinnamons leg so I only got to keep him until February 2006 ashley has wanted a chihuahua for two years and studied on them but she doesn't know everything about them if you e-mail me back donot send oh you are only a kid chihuahuas are too much responsibility please don't send any mean stuff to my mom Thx

Love Ashley & Cinnamon

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Wow! That's the longest run on sentance in the world!! BOL! I don't know anything about chiuauas, just wanted to say congrats on your new sister!

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Chihuahuas are great dogs! But you do have to be very careful with them... especially if there are larger dogs around. Be sure not to leave your new pup alone with a large dog. Also, never leave her on the furniture and walk off. Make sure to put puppy on the floor so she doesn't try to jump off and end up breaking a leg. Feed a puppy several times a day so that she doesn't become hypoglycemic (they can die very quickly from this). Fifi even got 2am feedings when she was a pup. You should really go buy a breed specific book on chis. It will cover everything from feeding, grooming, training, potential health problems, etc. Also make sure your new baby gets vaccinations and regular vet check-ups.

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Its best not to get a chi before it is 12 weeks old:
Good info on getting a chi
http://www .yourpurebredpuppy.com/buying/chihuahuas.html
http://www.chihuahuac lubofhawaii.com/findingachi/getachi.asp

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Please wait until your chi baby is atleast 12 weeks old, when mommy brought me home I was only 6 weeks old and she didnt know any better. I almost died from being hypoglycemic!! I am doing fine now, but the longer a chi baby can be with its mommy and brothers and sisters the better!